Sha’Carri Richardson made it clear she will not get distracted by Sunday’s (23 May) Gateshead Diamond League defeat by Dina Asher-Smith.

Richardson, who won her heat in 11.52 (-4.2 m/s), returned with 11.44 to Asher-Smith’s 11.35 (-3.1m/s wind) in the final.

“This will not be the last time that I am going to line up against these ladies. I want the world to know and the ladies to know that I am here to compete just as well as they have done for many years.

Richardson, who ran 10.72, 10.74 and 10.77 in her races before today, warned: “I am here to show them what I am good at.”

Sunday’s final was in the pouring rain and strong headwind. Asher-Smith got a fast start and held her form to cross the line for a comfortable victory. Richardson never put up any serious challenge.

Richardson, however, said she is happy with the day’s work.

“I am happy with my race,” she said. “I need to go back and work on what I need to get better at.

The American now turns her attention to Doha. She will face Elaine Thompson-Herah, who pulled out of Gateshead, and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce.

“I am definitely looking forward to some sunshine next week in Doha,” she said.

Fraser-Pryce finished 4th in 11.51, just behind Ta Lou at 11.48.


  1. With the Olympics fast approaching, she will have to begin to cycle off the drugs. So expect to see a form reversal.

  2. A just yesterday I’m hearing about her…no…I was reading about her…I was saying to myself why is this girl so cocky…base on her interview and the way she answered the questions and the reporters….she just turn pro…and haven’t run or win that much races and is so hype…smh….guess she was brought back from her glory land today….

  3. So a who tell her shi haffi leave. Dat will happen all in due time. Just humble uh self and run uh race. Less talk. She can be the next thing of track and field she is hungry but she gotta learn discipline. Like someone said tek a page outta jetta book.

  4. She full a chat she need to take a page from Jeter book and be humble, she remember what happened to English Gardner and several other hype up usa sprinter, they all flopped. Humble calf suck the most milk


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