Sha'Carri Richardson
Sha'Carri Richardson

Sha’Carri Richardson is being hailed as the new Usain Bolt, but the young American sprinter does not see it that way.

Richardson, who is just 21 years old, is having a fantastic year so far. In four races, heats and finals, she ran 10.72, 10.77 and 10.74. She ran with ease.

The question about being the next Bolt was put to her at Saturday’s (22 May) Gateshead Diamond League press conference.

“Well, I have not seen that, but when I do see that, I’m definitely going to still be shocked – even though I do these things and it’s my time,” she said.

She a,so ran 22.11 and 22.35 in the half-lap event. She is the 6th fastest woman of all time with her 10.72.
Only world record holder Florence Griffith-Joyner, Carmelita Jeter and Marion Jones have ever run faster as Americans. Jamaicans Fraser-Pryce and Thompson Herah, both with 10.70, are the only two non-American to run fastest than 10.72.

“I guess I’m as shocked as much as you guys (the media) when I step on the track and do the things that I do,” said the 2019 NCAA 100m champion.

She continued: “But to hear things like that (being the next Bolt) just shows that people see not only potential in me, but they see greatness in me.”

“Every time I step on the track, I am trying to do something I have not done before,” she said.

Richardson was favourite to win the US TRials in 2019 but finished eighth in the final.
“I just have to block it (8th place finish) out, remember my craft and every time I step on the track, execute in the best way I can. If I win, that’s the bonus.”

Richardson will face Jamaican world 100m champion Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce at the Gateshead Diamond League on Sunday (23 May).

Gateshead Diamond League Live Streaming with be on World Athletics’ YouTube channel

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Anthony Foster is a renowned Jamaican sports journalist, honored twice as the Jamaica sports journalist of the year (in 2004 and 2005). His journalistic achievements are globally recognized. Notably, he authored an award-winning article on Usain Bolt, the iconic 6-time Olympic champion, 11-time World champion, and record holder for the sprint double. This significant piece was published in the Jamaica Gleaner in 2004. Anthony's extensive coverage includes prestigious events such as the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008, London 2012, and Rio 2016. He has also provided coverage for seven (7) World Athletics Championships held between 2007 and 2022, alongside various other international sporting events. Noteworthy mentions comprise his coverage of the 2007 World Cup of cricket and his cherished experience reporting on the 2004 clash between his favorite football team, Argentina, and the USA.


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  2. Listen trackalerts; your girl has not won anything as yet . The first test she’s gotten, she’s failed. I said it all along, another English Gardner. The thing is Americans so desperate for a sprinting hero, they’ll jump for the first pretender who shows up. And listen stop finding excuses for her loss. Every single one of the athletes in that race , including Asher Smith, ran in the same weather conditions!
    Let’s see how she handles two more losses in quick succession. They’re out there waiting for her!
    Too much hype!

    • Asher was brought up in that weather both her and sfp are slight in physique running into such a strong head wind they were always going to struggle Nd besides its the olympics that will matter for Dina to medal she’ll need a pb I have sfp eth Nd shacarri metalling in the 100m ppl must forget she’s only 21 and asked not to b compared to anyone it’s only ppl from the island’s crying Nd moaning seems with envy clearly

    • Shueib Felix ;When Shelly was 21 she was winning two Olympic gold medals 🏅🏅at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Stop finding excuses for your no hit wonder. Why would people from the islands envy your American 🇺🇸 hope? She’s achieved zilch …. zero , nuttin !

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  4. What is this “rubbish” about Bolts comparison…no one dead or alive can or should be compared with bolt. America & Americans are just jealous of Bolt, so they are always going to try and find an Athlete to become a hero. They will do everything to take away from his achievement. They are just a disgusting set of people. How can you compare a girl that has yet to do anything consequence to someone who has done it all.

  5. Way the ppl them who did a talk off them mouth today….she a struggle keep her form and she been running like a thief whole season she should a dust the feild and left them drinking rain water from her heels….but u affi can walk the walk and talk a the talk….Richardson needs to be taught a lesson and eat some humble pie

  6. We know the US make sure she last they never see ríe end of the túnel not bad mind but wey them mean her time now everyone time now just who get out on that day

  7. Misleading headline. trackalerts just give us the results of the meets please. She is obviously a promising talent but it’s kinda early (and unfair to her) to be making such comparisons.

  8. She is excellent and very promising but Bolt is exceptional. She has to consistently win big titles and break world records to get to Bolt-status. Forget about Bolt..she has to get to Shelly Fraser-Pryce and Elaine Thompson-Herah status first!!

    • Evrol A Bell you have to be consistent in winning major titles to be considered an icon of the sport. Of course Thompson has run numerous sub 10.8s but when it comes to the races that really matter, she couldn’t produce the goods. She had the chance of winning the world titles in 2017 after her Olympic triumph but failed to. Even again in 2019 she should’ve taken the world titles but lost to Fraser-Pryce (who came back from maternity leave). So get your facts right dude. Btw, the U.S won the 4×1 in Rio so which 4×1 Olympic title are you talking about?

  9. …its s no brainer…I read this article elsewhere…its not her who sho I ld be addressed, it’s the fanatics where always analyzing and xomparing…the problem is that some people has absolutely nothing to do most times, so they Dibble n dabble and create confusions for like minded people…as far as I’m concerned, she may very well become great…however she’s not there yet, or may never get there…for now, Usain Bolt is the ruler, champion, and Statesman of track n field…albeit with an exemplary record and stunningly warm personality…I doubt any athlete will ever match all his attributes for yeeears to come…

  10. I believe she is the future of women sprinting. Big as Bolt? Only time will tell but I’m not sure I see it. Names like Bolt and Griffith-Joyner are recognizable to folks other than track & field fans or even sports fans for different reasons. They were exceptional, clocking unprecedented times in global events. They were easily recognizable. Bolt with his stature as well as his trademark pose and easily memorable (and fitting) one-syllable name. Griffith-Joyner with her outfits and nails and her catchy moniker “Flo Jo”. With all her greatness I’m not sure how popular SAFP is outside of true sports fans. Richardson is running times SAFP has been doing repeatedly for over a decade. Jeter and Jones have run under .7 but I wouldn’t call them household names. She has the swagger and the hair. She would have to be recognized by her first name b/c Richardson just won’t do. It has been well over 30 years and if you say ‘Flo Jo’ everyone knows who you’re talking about. The same will probably be true for Bolt. Let her get some Oly and WC gold over a few years and earn like every one else. With success on the track and good marketing we’ll see what kind of notoriety she gets.

  11. Am beginning to realize that folks here who are screaming ‘ drugs’ are Jamaicans who are worried that their dominance might just be cut short by Sha’carri Richardson and they can’t come to terms with that! Are you guys sore sports?

    • Koketso Maswena no Jamaicans not worried about this young lady we are not ,this is shelly last Olympic , and we still going to have that dominance, the American and Jamaicans will always having this show down

  12. Show me your friends and I can tell who you are. This girl works with Dennis Mitchell and Justin Gatlin. Need I say more!

  13. People read the article and do not let the headline deceive you. This girl is on a roll to prove herself. I know no one likes to lose, but the tides can’t always be in our favor all the time.

  14. I’ve been watching track for years and I’ve never seen anyone this rude. I hope she is beaten into 3rd place. This girl is sick. By the way, someone needs to get her a PR person. She needs to stop talking. Poor communication skills.

    • Anastacia Bennett nah do y’all’s research the girl been dominating from she young, she’s not new to track her progression has been steady. I’m a fan of the sport first and then the flag which, every country has had athletes who has failed a drug test yes including JA

  15. It was not just the speed that made Usain great but the personality Most track stars don’t appear to be socialize well. Asafa was a world record holder but did not appear to socialize as with other track stars and they did nothing other than athletics

  16. she is already hypo and didn’t even win an international medal!! the athletes them who have international medals not behaving like her!! I am not hating just stating a fact that I see when she run and win!!

  17. Be humble,because Bolt sure was never disrespected no athletes before him even he was push by the drug store Carl Lewis and that is why 4 years after retirement he’s still relevant still making money,go learn to be like my favorite 🇺🇸 athlete Allison Felix,,go talk to her about any other person she run against past are present and see the respect

    • Julia Haskins-Anderson Obviously you know nothing about Track and field 🙄. This girl is new let her breathe. These competitions are new to her. It would be boring if one person was winning all the time.

    • Julia Haskins-Anderson she IS new. She hasn’t done the international circuit yet. So yeah the response to you was correct. Being rude doesn’t make it less so and rather shows your ignorance.
      Richardson has been a very good talent since junior and high school. Those who know – know.

    • C Curtis Hall I have been following her ever since and I am not surprised at her achievements because I welcome new talent. Some of us just don’t get it or just can’t get it.

    • C Curtis Hall new to you doesn’t make her new she’s big here and the favorite for today’s race so that’s she’s international KNOWN. Nothings rude about that!

    • Julia Haskins-Anderson you have no clue do you? Go back and read! I have known of her since she was a junior in high school – stop talking please 👎🏾

  18. People stop the HATE.lets show love, if Sha’Carri is a Jamaican the tone would have been different…This is what Track and Field needs competition and an up and coming star, irrespective of where that person is from…She seems to be a good one in the making,so let her enjoy her moment,I am impressed by her times but there’s no worrying for me…Most of Sha’Carri races are one off…go through the rounds and win then I will say yes…Also I know and believe in the quality of our female runners…Do you all think Elaine pulled out of the race because she is scared…hell no no…

  19. Yall heard what she said yesterday at the press conference when describing herself?

    say she FEISTY!!😂 I can’t wait till Tokyo when MommyRocket beat the lil pissytale gal

  20. She’s Sha’carri….end of story. The sport needs stars and personalities. We may not like it but she is a breath of fresh air…that being said I would love to see a Caribbean Queen lower her colours…just dont think it will be today

  21. Kmt….she wouldn’t want to be compared to him but she would rather with a dead drug cheat in flo jo….but lets see how today goes cause I believe she has the talent but she rising for a fall

    • Yea… she will fall and fall hard..
      That’s not charisma or confidence that she showing.. plus her times still are all below clean top athletes over the last 10yrs so let’s wait and see

    • Renacimiento De Merlvan Smith yes them a look the hype Cause us men are the 1 to beat right now in Tokyo for the 100m gold so they pushing her up like the men

    • Crstar Jay-r I’m trying not to put my mouth on her but if she is the real deal I want she to get her chance to shine and showcase her talent but u have to remaind humble and down to earth

    • David Anthony Ormsby you sound stupid and very evil which I’m not surprised. Flo Jo wasn’t a drug cheat that’s why her records still exist. Go read a book and get some knowledge then go ask God to clean your evil heart. You some from hate but there’s no need to keep spreading it.

    • Julia Haskins-Anderson but where this big sweet pepper come from? Ur a dunce or stupid cause no where in my comments or statements that I was hating on Richardson… if u think I’m hating on flo jo then that’s on u cause Idc….u couldn’t prove anything on marion Jones but the lord touch her heart and she confessed….flo jo after setting those records died the next year after….u need to go to the lord in prayer cause taking my words out of context and turning it around is showing who is truly evil here lady….

    • Dante Black Phoenix Freeman mr was shelly really banned and u cant put shelly in this cause she had a surgery and the medication was not fully vetted hence why she was reprimand….until now that’s the only blemish on SFP record…u see what she did in 2016 after having a toe injury she didnt do an operation on it…she fought to the finals and got a bronze…..


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