Noah Lyles again stamped his claim on the men's 200m with another impressive display at Friday's (5 July) Lausanne Diamond League meeting.
Noah Lyles again stamped his claim on the men's 200m with another impressive display at Friday's (5 July) Lausanne Diamond League meeting.

American latest sprint sensation Noah Lyles, who dreamt of running 9.4, is eying three gold medals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

“I’m very excited for Tokyo. Japan is one of my favourite countries outside the US. I’ve got big plans,” Lyles was quoted as saying.

Lyles won his first World 200m title in Doha 2019. Lyles ran the fastest 100m time, 9.86, of the year leading into the World Athletics Championships, but opted to contest only the 200m.

“I’ve got a dream that I ran 9.41 in the semis at the Olympics,” he said. Usain Bolt is the world record holder at 9.58s.

Lyles anchored the USA to the men’s 4x100m title in Doha. This means he is a strong contender to win three gold medals in Tokyo 2020.

Jamaica’s Usain Bolt won the triple, 100m, 200m, and 4x100m at the Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Olympic Games. No American has managed the feat since Carl Lewis in 1984.

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  1. Dont understand most of you, nothing is wrong with n athlete wanting to break a nx mans record, nd even talk about it, so if some of you were runners, wouldn’t you want to break bolts record, one day bolts record will be broken, and the first part of any athlete achieving the feat is to dream, and every athlete that comes along will say that, whether they be jamericans, Americans, canadians, who ever they be, unuh leave the rass youth alone let him dream, nd talk it if he wants, whether he achieves it or not is another matter ,BC

  2. He needs to humble himself, too darn cocky, it is ok to dream but one has to wake up and work so that the dream may materialize, Bolt did not achieve his records by running his mouth and being disrespectful to those before him, he humbled himself and let his feet does the talking, the world fell in love with him and the rest is history.

  3. A well …if lyles does break bolts record ( he wont unless he is absolutely full of juice) ……..then track has absolutely no credence any more ….people forget quickly that track needs a clean up job …its up to the community to continue to keep our up and coming athletes clean ….forget about the americans ….also note coleman missed 3 tests …seriously …amd then wonders why people cock their eyebrows….

    • If it came down to a World versus the USA then yes, the world is catching up. The USA will, however, win more medals overall than any other country. That is saying a lot when one considers that the best athletes gravitate to the higher paying sports: American football, baseball and basketball.

  4. I don’t understand Noah Lyles why his he talking So much about Usain Bolt, if you are going to break his 200 meter record then do it’s like he doesn’t respect Usain Bolt. when Usain Bolt just started to make a name for himself he never talk anything bad about Carl Lewis

  5. Isnt this the kid who happened to miss 3 different drug testing appointments? Lol. I dont trust nothing he runs in. American track team allows known cheaters to run for them.

  6. Part of success in achieving any goal begins with a dream , visualizing a performance ,followed up with hard work and a plan to achieve that dream. When an athlete talks about their dream, they open themselves up to either scrutiny or support .This becomes a motivating factor to deliver a performance that will not embarrass them for sharing their ‘dream’ .Examples are Muhammad Ali , Floyd Mayweather Jr . A wonderful creative artist, non athlete once said ” If you can dream it, you can do it ” that person of course was Walt Disney.

  7. What is wrong with that young man
    Seems Usain bolt records is giving him nightmares
    Hard work and dedication is what brings success
    not hype and “a bag a chat”

  8. Carl Lewis was the last American man to win the 100, 200, 4×100 but FloJo was the American to accomplish this feat in 1988.

  9. Mr Lighting Bolt is the best to this date, but “Yes he ( LYLES ) can. Both are human. Yet Bolts only weakness was his start and if LYLES can perfect a Coleman like start he can do it. I’m looking forward to it! Lastly, I for one would love to see LYLES run a leg on that 4×4 also. Now that’s something that Bolt hasn’t done on the big stage! Real Track Fan?

  10. Happy for ya champ but your biggest competition in the 100 meter is my favorite Mr Coleman hats off to both of u good job

  11. I want him to break the record (tell him to keep dreaming ) a Usain make him think him can break the record bc Usain should have run 9.54 he take it for a joke

  12. I don’t think Usain was running to break sprinter record, he ran is best and had fun doing it . He was training and trying so hard to break any record.

  13. Nothing is wrong with him wanting to breaking the record. Records are meant to be broken. If they stay forever, then there’s no real progression in the development of the sport and no progression in the individual athletes either. Elevation and progression is good. I am sure if we had a 100m superstar after Usain departure, we would’ve encourage him to go for it and do his best, so why can’t we wish Lyles the same. Lol

  14. He will break Bolt’s Olympic 100m record just like broke Bolt’s diamond league record in the 200m with ease. ❤️??❤️??❤️?? records are made to be broken ❤️??❤️??

  15. Let me tell how this record will be broken, athletes go on growth harmones stay off the tracks, grow muscle pon dem eye lashes, then come off gh, then break the record. Eg. Gatlin and coleman

  16. This guy is as cocky as they come , not a humble spirit at all. Not because of his ridiculous claims and proclamations but because of little regards for those before him that has done it and the work it will take to get there . Sounds like an entitled kid to me . The record won’t crawl to you or happen just because you said so . I see he is trying hard to be relevant but bolt was nothing like you . And since you said you are better than bolt then don’t drag his name with you to gain attention. Get a name for your self and let you legs instead of your mouth do the talking .

  17. Just like de grasse, blake etc who were chasing three golds and failed dismally. He still have about seven months and he could get injured etc. No humility at all.. he is forgetting the likes of coleman and de grasse among others who are coming to tokyo. He must first get over gatlin who is old but still has a punch. Maybe a gold but i would bet that he wont do three golds especially with this attitude.

  18. As long as one can dream and is still alive, there is HOPE! A dream may be paralleled to pregnancy until the set time for it’s manifestation! Noah, be encouraged and protect the dream through constant discipline and hard work, for with God, nothing is impossible!

  19. He has the fastest in speed in the world .He caught Coleman from behind in that race he ran 9.86.I never seen Bolt beat a top Athlete from behind..Anything is possible. I definitely think with Coleman in that race ,either one of them could easily ran a 9.5. or 9.4. The 200 meters record definitely will fall next year..Also the womens 100 m hurdles .

  20. Dreaming is good. One always tries to break records in their sports especially track and field. Lyles is a little arrogant, asking, “Bolt who?” Also the showy nonsense he does is not like Bolt’s showmanship. Bolt is a character who loved the sport, loved crowds and e enjoyed putting on a show. This kid is more me, me, me while he is still just beginning his career, relatively speaking.

  21. Anything is possible but with perseverance and discipline not word of mouth and boasting. Good luck but stay calm and focus. Take a page out Bolt’s book leave the hip until you win the prize. Until then it’s USAIN BOLT to the world.


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