Kemoy Campbell
Kemoy Campbell

Jamaican distance runner Kemoy Campbell, who collapsed while competing at the Millrose Games in February, has announced his retirement.

Campbell, who spent 17 days in the hospital, said his decision was on doctor’s advice.

“All the goals I had set for 2020 was thrown out the window today. I wanted to be the first Jamaican to medal at Olympics in a distance race, but that’s not going happen,” he said.

“I was told today that I shouldn’t compete again or this incident will happen again, but that will not stop me from supporting and helping this sport and my team any way I can,” he continued.

Campbell was rushed to a hospital after collapsing while competing at the Millrose Games in New York on Saturday (9 Feb).
Campbell, who was acting as the pace-setter during the sixth lap of the men’s 3,000m, fell off the banked track into the infield near where the men’s shot put competition was underway.

“So it’s farewell to competing.” Campbell, 28, reached the World Championships 5000m final in 2017. He holds Jamaican records at 3000m (7:41.87), 5000m (13:20.39), and 10,000m (28:06.40).

“It’s time that I play another role in this sport,” he added.

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  1. So sad!! I really enjoyed watching him race!! Thanks for all you did for the sport and your race. Wishing you good health and success in your new endeavor.????????

  2. Kemoy Campbell you paved the way and represented Jamaica well…
    Congratulations!! Thank you ????focus on your health. Every blessing for the future ????.

  3. Absolutely tremendous effort over the years. Your hard work will always be remembered keep on been positive your health comes first .We honoured you as an hard-working individual be bless (Kemoy)


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