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Christian Coleman

American 100m champion Christian Coleman is confident he will run at the World Championships in Doha, Qatar next month.

Coleman, who acknowledged he has an anti-doping case to answer, spoke with NBC commentator and Olympic medallist Ato Boldon.

News broke earlier this week that could miss Doha 2019 because of whereabouts violation.

However, Coleman believes he will be cleared to run in Doha.
“I am confident the upcoming hearing on September 4 will clear the matter, and I will compete at the World Championship in Doha this fall,” Coleman said.

“I’m not a guy who takes any supplements at all, so I’m never concerned about taking drug tests, at any time,” said the London 2017 World Championships 100m silver medallist.

Coleman said what has been reported widely concerning filing violations is not valid.
He promised, “sometime after the hearing, I will be free to answer questions about the matter.”

Athletes face up to two years suspension if found guilty of missing three out of competition test in 12 months.

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  1. You either missed 3 tests or you didn’t, only way out is if the testers went to the wrong place noted on the whereabouts form


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