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Calabar landed the only Penn Relays title that has been eluded them over the years, the High School Boys’ 4×800 Championship.

On Saturday’s final day, the Red Hills Road-based boys not only win, but their stunning 7:26.09 is the new Penn Relays record.

Devannah Gayle led off with 1:53.63 to Rivaldo Marshall 1:51.17, but Calabar at this stage trailed Jamaica College, who was put in a very good position by Dugion Blackman’s 1:50.54 second leg split.

Kimar Farquharson, who received the baton in third behind JC and STETHS, ran impressively to make sure Jovan Taye Williams, on anchor, had a easy passage home. Williams took them home in 1:50.70 as not even Jauavney James’ 1:48.47 split, the best of the day, could stop them.

James’ St. Elizabeth Technical team, the dethroned and eight-time champions, finished second in 7:27.54.

Jamaica College (JC) with Dugion Blackman, who had the second fastest split, 1:50.54secs, finished third in 7:32.32.


1 Calabar  (Kingston, JAM) 7:26.09 Devannah Gayle (1:53.63), Rivaldo Marshall (1:51.17), Kimar Farquharson (1:50.61), Jovan Taye Williams (1:50.70) D
2 St. Elizabeth Tech  (Santa Cruz, JAM) 7:27.54 Dwight Mason (1:53.12), Shemar Salmon (1:51.01), Denvare Robinson (1:54.95), Jauavney James (1:48.47) C
3 Jamaica College  (Kingston, JAM) 7:32.32 Cavvelle Beckles (1:54.72), Dugion Blackman (1:50.54), Fabian Campbell (1:52.92), Ken Reyes (1:54.16) A
4 Green Hope  (Cary, NC) 7:39.28 Ares Epps (1:52.76), Sean Petersen (1:55.19), Matthew Kehn (1:55.59), Ian Delgado (1:55.76) B
5 Wadsworth  (Wadsworth, OH) 7:44.01 Nick Miller (1:52.58), Josiah Sovine (1:55.12), Kai Wagner (2:02.36), Gabe Szalay (1:53.96) E
6 Lake Braddock  (Burke, VA) 7:46.38 Tyler Lawson (1:57.02), Edward Cerne (1:52.37), Andrew Delvecchio (1:55.20), Jacob Willis (2:01.80) I
7 St. Benedict’s Prep  (Newark, NJ) 7:50.19 Jackson Burnett (1:59.59), Lewis Ngwenya (1:52.97), Ronald Kigen (2:02.07), Alfred Chawonza (1:55.59) G
8 Ocean Lakes  (Virginia Beach, VA) 7:50.83 Tyler Lipps (1:59.48), Brent Bailey (1:54.21), Davis Young (1:57.66), Jacob Bushey (1:59.49) J
9 Ephrata  (Ephrata, PA) 7:52.72 Tyler Shue (1:52.55), Tanyon Loose (2:00.48), Alex Morales (1:58.13), Andrew Foster (2:01.56) F
10 North Hunterdon  (Annandale, NJ) 7:54.13 Gavin Richards (1:56.69), Dillon Adamy (1:58.60), Andrew Trapp (2:03.25), Ray Sellaro (1:55.61) K
11 Deep Run  (Glen Allen, VA) 7:55.80 Zachary Levet (1:59.52), Jake Schindel (1:59.30), Colby Burcham (2:02.92), Matthias Cannon (1:54.07) H
12 Pennsbury  (Fairless Hills, PA) 7:58.41 Javier Linares (2:00.20), Aidan Sauer (1:57.25), Jed Scratchard (2:03.86), Tom Mink (1:57.11) L



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