United States of American (USA), citing security concerns, has pulled out of the IAAF World Youth Championships 2017.

USA Track and Field, in a correspondent, said a risk assessment was conducted and “The U.S. Department of State gives Kenya a crime and terrorism rating of
“Critical,” the highest level possible.”

The IAAF World U18 Championships set for Nairobi, Kenya, set for July 12 to 16, is the last international meet for this age group.

See “USATF participation in 2017 IAAF U18 Championships” correspondent below:

As we all are aware, security has become an increasing concern worldwide, and in particular for official sporting delegations. As part of a review of all USATF security issues, USATF’s security team has conducted a risk assessment for our delegation for the 2017 IAAF World Youth Championships, also known as the IAAF U18 Championships.

The U.S. Department of State gives Kenya a crime and terrorism rating of “Critical,” the highest level possible. The State Department’s security summary includes risks for all types of crime, from theft to violent crime and terrorism. Given the “Critical” threat, the high cost associated with our team’s
increased security needs, and that the team would be composed of children, USATF will not select or travel a team to this event.
The IAAF last August announced that the 2017 World Youth Championships will be the final edition of this meet, with President Sebastian Coe stating that the meet “is not the best pathway for young athletes.” USATF is a strong supporter of ensuring the growth of track & field internationally, particularly
among young people. We will continue to work with our IAAF colleagues to ensure appropriate and productive competitive opportunities for youth in the future.


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