A quick analysis of the selected athletes and their club and school affiliations show some interesting statistics, according work done by Oliver “Elmo” Harris.

As expected, MVP and Racers top the club grouping but it is quite surprising that Vere has gone back to the glory days and heads the school count with SIX athletes. Jago continues to stay on top of this list, Holmwood and C’Bar have become more consistent in recent years (FIVE) and Edwin Allen has made a breakthrough placing FOUR athletes on the team.

MVP – 11 athletes
Racers – 6 athletes
Cameron Blazers – 4 athletes
Sprint Tech – 3 Athletes
Coleman TC – 2 Athletes

Vere – 6 athletes
Holmwood – 5 Athletes
St. Jago – 5 athletes
Edwin Allen – 4 athletes
Calabar – 4 athletes
Manchester – 3 athletes
Wolmers – 3 Athletes
Alpha – 2 athletes

Name Club School
Javon Francis Akon Cbar
Kaliese Spencer Cameron Blazers Manning
Jevere Bell, Cameron Blazers Seaforth
Christine Day, Cameron Blazers Tacky
Jaheel Hyde Cameron Blazers Wolmers
Deuce Carter Coleman Cbar
Hansle Parchment Coleman Morant Bay
Asafa Powell Fast Twitch Charlemont
Fedrick Dacres Julian C’Bar
Christania Williams MVP Edwin Allen
Rusheen McDonald MVP Garvey Maceo
Janieve Russell MVP Holmwood
Elaine Thompson MVP Manchester
Stephenie-Ann McPherson MVP Manning
Simoya Campbell MVP Spaulding
Megan Simmonds MVP St. Andrew
O’Dayne Richards MVP STGC
Shericka Jackson, MVP Vere
Julian Forte MVP Wolmers
Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce MVP Wolmers
Jevaughn Minzie Racers Bog Walk
Annsert Whyte Racers Clan Carthy
Peter Matthews Racers Decarteret
Kemar Bailey-Cole, Racers Old harbour
Yohan Blake Racers St. Jago
Usain Bolt, Racers William Knibb
Ristananna Tracey sprint_tech Edwin Allen
Anneisha McLaughlin-Whilby sprint_tech Holmwood
Shashalee Forbes sprint_tech Holmwood
Nathon Allen, St. Jago St. Jago
Nickiesha Wilson unknown Alpha
Shermaine Williams unknown Alpha
Kemoy Campbell unknown Bellfield
Damar Forbes unknown Campion
Andrew Riley unknown Cbar
Danniel Thomas unknown Edwin Allen
Tarasue Barnett unknown Edwin Allen
Williams-Mills unknown Ferncourt
Roxroy Cato unknown Green Island
Romel Lewis Chase Athletics Holmwood
Chrisann Gordon Texas Holmwood
Monique Morgan unknown Immaculate
Fitzroy Dunkley unknown JC
Clive Pullen Unknown KC
Natoya Goule unknown Manchester
Omar McLeod unknown Manchester
Kenia Sinclair unknown St. Jago
Kellion Knibb FSU St. Jago
Nickel Ashmeade unknown St. Jago
Kimberly Williams unknown Vere
Shaneika Thomas unknown Vere
Simone Facey unknown Vere
Shadae Lawrence unknown Vere
VCampbell-Brown unknown Vere
Aisha Praught unknown
Aubrey Smith unknown
Daina Levy unknown
Leah Nugent unknown
Kal Davis-White unknown



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