Justin Gatlin will face strong opponents at Ostrava Golden Spike
Gatlin will face strong opponents at Ostrava Golden Spike

Justin Gatlin was beaten for the second time in two days at the US Olympic Trials.

On Friday’s eight day of competition, Michael Norman, 20.21 beat Gatlin, 20.23 in semi-final 1 of the men’s 200m.

“Kids are kids, man. They are good at what they do, but the most important thing is the race,” said Gatlin.

“They can run against any of us in the Diamond League if they come ready and sharp. Going into the finals they feed off of each other,” added the 2004 Olympic 100m champion.

“They come out to be giant killers. I will rise to the occasion when the time comes. There was a time when I was a giant killer.”

Norman after the win over Gatlin said: “I’m not getting more comfortable, you know I’m still getting nervous, but I am trying to stay relaxed and learn to focus. I just want to think about myself more than anything else.”

On talking to Gatlin after the race:
“I just asked him if he remembered me because we met a year ago at the Nike Elite Camp, so it was just a quick question. I didn’t want to talk to him before the race because everyone was getting in their zone…Yeah, he remembered me.”

Meanwhile, LaShawn Merritt was semi-final 3 winner in 19.74, the fastest time in the world this year.

“That felt good, I executed well and I have a great team here to keep my body fresh,” Merritt said.
“I’m not sure (about Rio) if I will do both, I’m just trying to take it a race at a time. I need to stay humble and grounded and get some rest,” he said.

Ameer Webb was the other sub-20 seconds sprinter with 19.97secs.



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