By Anthony Foster in Georgetown, Guyana 

Guyanese teenager, Brenessa Thompson, in preparing for her debut Olympic Games appearance, is working on her start.

The 19-year-old sprinter, who is well aware of the competition, has qualified in both sprints with personal best times of 11.31 and 22.99, the latter, a national record, done this season.

“My event is extremely difficult,” said Thompson, who is aware that the world’s best athletes in the event are running faster than 10.8.

“I am actually working on my start, that’s my focus right now,” she added while explaining, “I just have good top end speed, so when I get my start together, everything will flow smoothly.” 

The Texas A&M sprinter spoke about her Rio 2016 expectation.

“The goal is to at least try and make it to the final and just have fun in Rio,” said the 2014 World Junior Championships semi-finalist.

Thompson is back in Guyana for her first official competition.

“I am just looking to run faster, that’s the goal,” she said of her expectation for the Aliann Pompey Invitational meet on Saturday.

She also praised Pompey, a former Guyanese sprinter, for putting on such an important meet.

“I am really excited and happy she came forward to have a meet like this, because Guyana is not really known for track and field as much, so her doing this, is going make Guyana track future brighter.”

“I think a lot of people is going to be there, a lot of people are talking about it.”


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