By Anthony Foster in Hamilton, Bermuda 

World Championships silver medallist, Michael Frater, says he is in good shape but working to execute a proper race. “I am in pretty good shape so far" but, according to the Racers Track Club athlete,  it’s now about “going out there and execute some good races.”

Frater is hoping to use today’s (April 22) Bermuda Invitational Meet to put together the perfect race.

“I am looking forward to go out there, working and executing some proper races,” added Frater, also the 2003 Pam Am Games 100m champion.

Over the past two weeks, in Jamaica, Frater opened up with 10.60 at the Seniors Link-Up on April 9 and 10.17 at the MVP Track and Field Meeting on April 16.

He said “things are coming together pretty well.”

“Its still early, in April, so running 10.17 last week, I just want to do better than that and execute a proper race,” he said of his expectations for today’s meet in Bermuda.

Frater will have in this afternoon’s 100m race American, Mike Rodgers, the fastest man in the field at 9.80, Jamaican, Oshane Bailey, Adam Harris of Guyana and Cayman Islands’, Tyrell Cuffy.

 Asked if someone like Rodgers will help to him put together the prefect race, he replied: “Its doesn’t matter who is in the race.
I know where I am at in training, so is just me competing with myself right now … just doing what the coach has instructed me to do, and that is just working on executing a proper race plan,” added the man whose personal best is 9.86.

“As I said, its in April, so I am not looking to race anybody like that right now, I know I am in good shape, very good shape, its just a matter of executing a proper race,” he added.

Frater said last week when he ran 10.17 he “had a horribly start.
I am very race rusty right now, so it's just going out there shaking off the rust, good competition is also good, but it’s still a race.”

As for his 2016 goals, the Beijing and London Olympic Games 4x100m gold medal winner, said “definitely the Olympics.
This will definitely be my last Olympics … so it’s just about getting back to Rio and ending my career at the Olympics,” he said.

Asked if he doesn’t plan for another season, Frater laughed before adding “well, put it like this, this would be my last Olympics, I am taking it year by year right now, but it depends on how the season actually finishes, if I will go on next year,” said the Berlin and Daegu World Championships 4x100m gold medallist in 2009 and 2011, respectively.


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