POINTE-A-PIERRE, Trinidad: Former World Relays bronze medallist Kamaria Durant (Simplex) won the women’s 100m and 200m titles at the 52nd annual Southern Games held at the Petrotrin Sports Club, Guaracara on Sunday, (March 13). Durant was first in the 100m on the grass turf in 11.94 well ahead of Shirnelle Ettienne (UTT) 12.24 and another Simplex sprinter Onika Murray 12.51 to claim her third 100m crown.  The 2014 World Relays 4x100m bronze medal winning team lead-off runner won the title back in 2013 and 2014 before having to settle for second in 2015. In the 200m she again defeated Ettienne for the top spot in 25.05. Ettienne took the early lead but Durant finished strongly to win her fourth straight 200m title and completed her third sprint double in four years. Her Simplex club mate Kercelia Francis also sped to a sprint double landing the girls under 14 100m (13.23) and 200m (26.90) gold medals. Anika Wolf of the host club Pointe-a-Pierre gave her fans much to cheer after she ran away with the girls under 18 200m (26.26) and 400m  (1:02.16) while 14 year old Patrice Richards (Neon Wolves) was impressive in claiming the girls under 16 200m (25.59) and 400m (59.33).

Wolfe first took the 400m taking an early lead and finished more than two seconds ahead of Jalish Patrick (Burnley) 1:04.22 and Afiya Wyllie (Abilene Wildcats ) 1:05.37.  In the 200m she narrowly held off the 100m winner Jodiah Mc Sween (Abilene Wildcats) 26.27 and Aquilla St. Louis (D’Abadie Progressive) 26.53 for the top spot.  

Abilene Wildcats’ sprinters were impressive as Kyle Greaux (men’s 200m-22.18), Romona Modeste (women’s 400m-57.06), Avindale Smith (boys under 16 200m-23.25), Judah Taylor (Boys under 20 400m-50.11) and Renaldo Moore (boys under 18 100m-11.55) were all winners. Abilene also won the men’s and women’s sprint medley (1x1x2x4) relays. 

Akeem Stewart (Tobago Falcons) took the men’s shot put with a season’s best of 18.23m ahead of former Carifta gold medallist Shervorne Worrell (UTT), with a pb of 16.16 and Kesean Phillip (UWI) 14.56. The national record holder and 2015 double Para Pan American Games champion led a Tobago sweep of the podium. Three time Carifta champion and club-mate Chelsea James secured the women’s shot (14.11) with former CAC Junior gold medallist Cherisse Murray (Toco TAFAC), 13.80 and former Carifta discus medallist Marielle Pierre (UWI) 12.80 claiming the minor places. Another Tobago Falcons competitor, Omari Benoit, landed the men’s high jump with a 1.90m clearance ahead of 39 year old 2011 World Masters champion Rodney Liverpool (TT Defence Force) 1.85 and multi-eventer Ian West (Pt.  Fortin New Jets) 1.85.

Carifta boys under 20 gold medallist two years ago Shakiel Waithe (Rebirth) won the men’s javelin with 65.16 ahead of 2014 Southern Games champion Andre Andrews (Warriors) 58.20) and  Precious George (Warriors) 54.20. West was fourth with a personal best of 51.00m. West, James, Benoit and Avindale Smith are part of T&T’s 42 member contingent which will be participating in the 2016 Carifta Games in Grenada from March 26-28. Dwain Herbert (UTT) on his fifth straight long jump title (6.75) ahead of his younger brother Dwain (6.73) and West (6.38). The jumpers complained that the take up board was too close the landing pit with was only 8m in length. Former multiple World Indoor and Outdoor Masters Champion Geradline George (Pt. Fortin New Jets) took the women’s javelin. The 43 year old claimed the top prize with a distance of 41.70 leaving Chantal Mohan (UTT), 12 years her junior, in second (41.20) and another World Masters Indoor and Outdoor gold medallist, 45 year old Gwendolyn Smith (Palo Seco) 38.67.

This year’s Southern Games were held as a one-day meet for the first times in recent years. 

Complete results: http://www.ttnaaa.org/results/2016/southern/

Compiled results


Under 14


100m (0.0 m/s): 1st Daniel Qui (Memphis Pioneers) 12.56, 2nd Kern Cedeno (Fyzabad) 12.65, 3rd Matthew Newallo (Fatime) 13.34

200m (0.0): 1st Kern Cedeno (Fyzabad) 25.25, 2nd 1st Daniel Qui (Memphis Pioneers) 25.81, 3rd Jaheim Burns (Burnley) 26.95   

400m: 1st Jemell Boatswain (Silver Bullets) 1:02.49, 2nd Asiel Gonzales (Abilene Wildcats0 1:03.68, 3rd Jahson Reid (Silver Bullets) 1:05.06



100m (2.9): 1st Kurcelia Francis (Simplex) 13.23, 2nd Atiya Croal (Memphis Pioneers) 13.64, 3rd Arianne Lucio (Memphis Pioneers) 13.72

200m (-0.7): 1st Kurcelia Francis (Simplex) 26.90, 2nd Atiya Croal (Memphis Pioneers) 27.84, 3rd Arianne Lucio (Memphis Pioneers) 27.89

400m: 1st Christiemarie Maharaj (Silver Bullets) 1:07.09, 2nd Jannah Reid (Silver Bullets) 1:09.83, 3rd Faith Deane (Silver Bullets) 1:13.64

Under 16


100m (3.6): 1st Jeremy Charles (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 11.89, 2nd Kester Richards (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 12.34, 3rd Shaquan Baptiste (Memphis Pioneers) 12.95

200m (1.0): 1st Avindale Smith (Abilene Wildcats) 23.25, 2nd Chazz Alexander (Palo Seco) 23.95, 3rd Jeremy Charles (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 23.97

400: 1st Kaylon Thomson (Abilene Wildcats) 52.97, 2nd Chazz Alexander (Palo Seco) 53.63, 3rd Jyasi Murray (Abilene Wildcats) 54.42


100m (-0.9): 1st Gabriella Walters (Simplex) 12.54, 2nd Rae-Ann Serville (Memphis Pioneers) 12.73, 3rd Antonia Sealy (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 12.86

200m (0.0): 1st Patrice Richards (Neon Trackers) 25.59, 2nd Rae-Ann Serville (Memphis Pioneers) 25.84, 3rd Jeniel Morris (Memphis Pioneers) 26.16

400m:1st Patrice Richards (Neon Wolves) 59.33, 2nd Camille Lewis (Cheetash) 1:01.18, 3rd Jeneil Morris (Memphis Pioneers) 1:01.21


Under 18


100m (0.0): 1st Renaldo Moore (Abilene Wildcats) 11.55, 2nd Kion Benjamin (Memphis Pioneers) 11.61, 3rd Clement Campbell (Memphis Pioneers) 11.61

200m (-1.5); 1st Jamaul Andrews (Simplex) 22.64, 2nd Jahi Hernandex (Abilene Wildcats) 22.81, 3rd David Pierce (Memphis Pioneers) 22.98 

400m: 1st Aaron Caesar (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 52.58, 2nd Justen O’Brien (Abilene Wildcats) 52.80, 3rd Kyron Valentine (Silver Bullets) 55.36


100m (-1.7): 1st Jodiah Mc Sween (Abilene Wildcats) 12.65, 2nd Shania Mc Carter (Memphis Pioneers) 12.67, 3rd Tia Honore (Abilene Wildcats) 13.00

200m (0.0): 1st Anika Wolfe (Pointe-a-Pierre) 26.26, 2nd Jodiah Mc Sween (Abilene Wildcats)   26.27, 3rd Aquilla St. Louis (D’Abadie Progressive) 26.53

400m: 1st Anika Wolfe (Pointe-a-Pierre) 1:02.16, 2nd Jalish Patrick (Burnley) 1:04.22, 3rd Afiya Wyllie (Abilene Wildcats) 1:05.37

Under 20


100m (0.3): 1st Jalen Purcell (Simplex) 10.95, 2nd Joash Huggins (Dovers) 11.23, 3rd Jarod Elcock (Abilene Wildcats) 11.28

Purcell was second in U18 in 2015. Huggins was second in 2015

200m (0.1): 1st Kashief King (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 22.04,2nd Jacob St. Clair (Abilene Wildcats) 22.14, 3rd Jalen Purcell (Simplex) 22.26

King won U17 400m in 2013, U15 2012

400m: 1st Judah Taylor (Abilene Wildcats) 50.11, 2nd Daniel Gibbs (Mustangs) 50.84, 3rd Keivonne Alexander (Unattached) 51.09

800m: 1st Daniel Gibbs (Mustangs) 2:00.85, 2nd Jeremiah Hamilton (Abilene Wildcats) 2:01.52, 3rd Myles Jackson (Memphis Pioneers) 2:01.55

Shot put: 1st Isaiah Taylor (Abilene Wildcats) 16.05

Sprint Medley (1x1x2x4) Relay: 1st Memphis Pioneers, 2nd Abilene Wildcats, 3rd Petrotrin Sports



100m (0.0): 1st Lesean Noel (Pointe-a-Pierre) 11.08, 2nd Keston Wickham (Cocorde) 11.16, 3rd Michael Sealey (Speed Factory) 11.16

200m (0.7): 1st Kyle Greaux (Abilene Wildcats) 22.18, 2nd  Arinze Chance (UTT) 22.42, 3rd Che Hart (Concorde) 22.67


400m: 1st Tacuma Sterlings (Alpha (48.98, 2nd Anika Prince (TTDF) 49.75, 3rd Arinze Chance (UTT) 50.05

800m: 1st Clifton Sylvester (TTDF) 1:57.70, 2nd Kereme Morris (TTDF) 1:58.37, 3rd Antoneil Prince (Speed Factory) 2:00.62

Slyvester won in 2015

5000M: 1st Mark Allen (USA) 15:07.23, 2nd Ethan Clary (USA) 15:07.50, 3rd Cleveland Ford (Guyana) 16:03.42

Shot put: 1st Akeem Stewart (Falcons) 18.23, 2nd Shervorne Worrell (UTT) 16.16, 3rd Kesean Phillips (UWI) 14.56

Javelin: 1st Shaquille Waithe (Rebirth) 65.16, 2nd Andre Andrews (Warriors) 58.20, 3rd Precious George (UTT) 54.20, 4th Ian West (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 51.00

High jump: 1st Omari Benoit (Tobago Falcons) 1.90, 2nd Rodney Liverpool (TTDF) 1.85, 3rd Ian West (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 1.85

Long jump: 1st Dwain Herbert (UTT) 6.75, 2nd Dwight Herbert (Warriors) 6.73, 3rd Ian West (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 6.38

Sprint Medley (1x1x2x4) Relay: 1st Abilene Wildcats 1:32.60, Pt. Fortin New Jets 1:33.00, 3rd Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force 1:33.01



100m (0.0): 1st Kamaria Durant (Simplex) 11.94, 2nd Shirnelle Ettienne (UTT) 12.24, 3rd Onika Murray (Simplex) 12.51

Durant won in 2015, 2013, second in 2014

200m (-0.3): 1st Kamaria Durant (Simplex) 25.05, 2nd Shirnelle Ettienne (UTT) 25.32, 3rd Karista Thomas (Speed Factory) 26.69


400m: 1st Romona Modeste (Abilene Wildcats) 57.06, 2nd Renne Stoddard (Speed Factory) 57.85, 3rd Thyla-Marie Scott (Memphis Pioneers) 58.45 


800m: 1st April Francis (Abilene Wildcats) 2:27.25, 2nd Shania Francis (Fyzabad) 2:32.19, 3rd Alena Clarke (UTT) 2;35.77

Shot put: 1st Chelsea James (Tobago Falcons) 14.11, 2nd Cherisse Murray (Toco TAFAC) 13.80, 3rd Marielle Pierre (UWI) 12.80

Javelin: Geraldine George (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 41.70, 2nd Chuntal Mohan (UTT) 41.20, 3rd Gwendolyn Smith (Palo Seco) 38.67

George won in 2013, 2012,  2011

High jump: 1st Keshelle Douglas (UTT) 1.55, 2nd Aiesha Colthrust (Neon Wolves) 1.50

Long jump: 1st Alisha St. Louis (D’Abadie Progressive) 5.41, 2nd Kechelle Douglas (UTT) 5.06, 3rd Aiesha Colthrust (Neon Wolves) 4.95

St. Louis was second in 2014, won G U15 400m (2011)

Sprint Medley (1x1x2x4) Relay: 1st Abilene Wildcats), 2nd Memphis Pioneers, 3rd Speed Factory


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