By Victor Lopez, President of NCACA

It is hard to believe that we are less than one week away from the end of the 2015 year that, not only flew by, but it was full of a mix of great news and unfortunately bad news. Nevertheless, when we look at the balance of achievements and accomplishments of both the NACAC AA and Athletics as a whole, it is positive due to our athletes from grassroots to high performance.

It was a year full of expectations due since there were Continental Areas Election Congresses in all six Area Associations and, moreover, there were elections for all the IAAF elected positions including, for the first time in many decades, two great individuals were running for the presidency of the IAAF. These particular situations kept everybody in a stage of expectations and busy either campaigning or trying to define each one particular individual future.

I do not have to go over the outcome or specific results of the different elections since you all know those results but I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all those individuals who ran for elected positions at all levels and were elected and also congratulate those who put their name forward for elections and did not get elected. With all the elections over in all the different organizations such as National Federations, Continental Areas Associations and at the IAAF level, it is time that we evaluate our past performance and find out what was done correctly and what we need to do to make our sport, from national level to the world level, better and more attractive and popular for the community.

In the area of development or competition I can assure you that our progress will continue and, as we have demonstrated in the last WAS and Olympic Games, NACAC AA will continue to be the world leaders. There are a number of factors which contribute to continue our progress will but there is one that stand way above the others and that is the great importance and significant value that the sport of Athletics (Track and Field) has in our school systems. Very few countries in our Area do not have a strong Athletics program in the school system but those are catching up. As far as we have that advantage over the other Continental Areas, it will be very difficult for them to match our development. Therefore, we tip our hat for the thousands, if not millions, of individuals that day in and day out give their time, effort, support, and service to the development of Athletics in our schools. On behalf of the NACAC AA Council and the entire NACAC Athletics Family our respect and admiration to all of you for your contribution to our sport, to the development of our youth and to the development of a better world.

Finally, there were many expressions of unity, inclusion, working together in our Congress and meetings in 2015 therefore, it is time to practice what some of you are preaching. As your President, along with the dynamic Council that we have in place, we are ready to bring the whole Family together and move forward no matter if there are disagreements and discrepancies but, as you and I know, we are not here to serve ourselves. We are here to develop Athletics and moreover or Youth. Therefore, Let Stand Together…

Merry Christmas and a Happy and Successful New Year… 


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