SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – The 2nd Panamerican Cross Country Cup (NACAC and Consudatle Cross Country Championships) will be held on March 5 next year in Caraballeda, state of Vargas in Venezuela.

The races will be staged in the Carabella Golf Course at sea level and at only few kilometers of the Maiquetia International Airport. 

According to the NACAC release, "It would be a great pleasure to host the Panamerican Athletics Family in this event."

The release added that "Thelma Wright from Canada, member of the IAAF Cross Country Committee and Chairperson of the APA Cross Country Committee has been appointed Technical and Organizational Delegate for this event and Marcos Oviedo from Venezuela, Member of IAAF Cross Country Committee has been appointed Championship Director of this important event."

NACAC also promised to send the Technical Manual, prepared by Wright and Oviedo, soon to member federations. 

The events to be contested are: 

Youth Women (U18) 4 Kms, Youth Men (U18) 6 Kms, Junior Women (U20) 6 Kms 

Junior Men (U20) 8 Kms, Senior Women 8 Kms, Senior Men 10 Kms.


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