By Vijay, writer

Rosamunde Carey is the new president of the Bahamas Association Of Athletic Associations (BAAA). Carey became the first female president after beating incumbent Mike Sands 44-40 votes in Saturday’s elections.

Carey, a former athlete, is a businesswoman with experience in the sport at the national, regional and international levels.

“I would like to thank my supporters, those who voted for me, who placed their confidence in me to move this federation forward,” she said.

She campaigned on “provide and ensure effective leadership, good governance and efficient service”

Carey also served the BAAA council member, treasurer for seven years and chaperone of national teams.

The new president also thank past president Sands “for the work that he did to keep this federation together”

Meanwhile, Tonique Williams-Darling, the 2004 Summer Olympic Games 400m champion, is the new vice president.


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