ST. JOHN´S –  Ever young World Champion 2003 Kim Collins of St. Kitts and Nevis confirmed he will continue to compete.

Not only in the coming indoor season but also aims to run at the Olympic Games in Rio and wants to be the first 40 years old sprinter to achieve a sub 10 time in the 100m.

He will be 40 on April 5 next year.  He said his preparation for the upcoming season is in full swing. “I just started back in the gym (Monday) getting ready for 2016 Rio and whether or not I am there, my goal is just to (run) under 10 seconds and to be the first man at 40-years-old and that’s my goal. Once I can compete that, I don’t need to do nothing else,” Collins said. Report The Antigua Observer. 

Collins also added that he believes “politics” is hindering the growth and development of athletes in his native St Kitts & Nevis.


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