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It’s game time for Team Jamaica Bickle (TJB) and kick-off  is Friday, September 25, 2015; (6pm), at B&R Spice Restaurant, 111-06 Farmers Blvd., St Albans, Queens, NY, when the organization will host its first ever Games' Night.  Contribution is $10 and proceeds will aid the organization’s 2016 hospitality program at the Penn Relays.  

TJB has hosted athletes from Jamaica and other Caribbean countries at the Penn Relays since 1994, providing such benefits as meals, transportation, accommodation and chiropractic care. 

Fundraisers are vital to the organization’s ability to meet the growing demands of the program as more schools seek greater assistance and against the background of scarce sponsorship dollars. 

Billed as an after-work mixer, Games' Night promises to be a social bonanza; an exciting time among friends as they challenge each other in friendly competition of dominoes, ludi, spades and bingo. 


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