By Kimberly Allen, TrackAlerts.Com writer

Let's all be a part of community development and promoting a healthier lifestyle for inner-city communities. On August 22, 2015, visit Allman Town in downtown Kingston for their street sports called 'Track on Streets' from 11:00am-5:00pm.
It's no doubt that track and field or sports overall has helped with a healthier Jamaica and Kevaughn Ellis, founder of 'Track On Streets' agrees with this, as he stated that "a lot of Jamaicans have earned healthy living through sports over the last decade."

It's with this mindset, that he has high hopes for every Jamaican, especially the inner-city residents. As he visions a Jamaica where inner-city youths will attain an excellent education and become true stalwarts of society, giving back to the community and paving the way for a literate and poverty free future.

So for those living in the Allman Town area or those interested in the dream that 'Track on Streets' is promoting, feel free to drop by their street sports and have fun in the name of good sports and community development.  

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