To whom it may concern,
My name is Shai-Anne Davis. I am a Canadian sprinter that trains at the National eastern hub in Toronto,ON. A couple of weeks ago (March 27,2015) at our St. Kitts warm weather training camp, my teammates and I experienced a tragedy. Daundre Barnaby, Canadian 400m champ and Olympian drowned in the ocean after our training session that day.
Daundre was an EXCEPTIONAL athlete, not only did he compete last year at the Common Wealth Games, but he was apart of the 2012 Canadian Olympic team in London for the 400m. With this unfortunate event that has occurred, his family is expected to cover all of the expenses and arrangements for the funeral and transferring of the body.
They are in need of any help and support, so I am emailing your company in hopes that you could extend some help to them whether it is by sharing this link on your social media sites and / or contributing as well, honestly ANYTHING helps. 
Below I have pasted the URL to the funding page.
I really appreciate you taking the time to read this and hope that you can help them out.
Shai-Anne Davis


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