The treatment of the media at the 2015 ISSA/GraceKennedy Boys and Girls Champs so far, has been nothing short of disgraceful.

This disgraceful treatment started with several media houses either being denied accreditation or having to wait several days to gain such.

Unlike what is the norm at international and regional meets, the facilities at the National Stadium is far from being up to par and ISSA is far from being media friendly, while the area usually given to the written press is somehow being taken over by TV camera crews. The media space is also outdated; this however, is a matter that must be dealt with by Independence Park Limited. 

The organizers have failed to accommodate media interviews and journalists were asked to stay within certain zones, with the organizers knowing fully well that many athletes did not pass though such sections.

The media liaison team for the Meet is also bullying journalists, making it untenable for them to perform their duties.

Journalists are oftentimes told they would have to combine to interview athletes… thus affecting those who want to ask special questions.

They are also being barred from interviewing Class 4 athletes, with the reason being, only “ISSA have regulations about interviewing class 4”


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