By Kimberly Allen, TrackAlerts.Com

   The 2015 Central Track and Field Championships closed on Wednesday with Edwin Allen undoubtedly winning the girls section and Manchester High the boys’ section.

Edwin Allen scored 457 points, 122.5 ahead of Holmwood Technical with 335.5, Vere Technical 334, Hydel 222 and Manchester High 140.5.

On the boys’ side, Manchester easily won with 185 points followed by Edwin Allen 143 points, Spaudings 128, Holmwood 107 and Bellefield 100. 

   This year's female class 1 champions were Rene Medley (Vere) and Rochelle Frazer (Edwin Allen), both contributed 18 points each to their school. Derri Ann Hill, winner of the 400m, was also a top class 1 athlete who gave Vere Technical 16 points. 

    For the boys, it was Odel Murphy of Hydel who have them 24 points. Rashid Allen of Manchester was also of the top of the class 1 as he contributed 15 points.
    Kasheika Cameron (Edwin Allen), Chrissani May (Holmwood Technical) and Britnie Dixon (Vere Technical) were the top female athletes of class 2 as the each have their respective schools 16 points. 
   Ryan Brown of OHHS who have his school 24 points and Remario McCarty of Manchester high who gave his school 18 points were the top boys of class 2. 

  Britany Anderson and Sanique Walker both of Vere Technical were first and second in the Class 3 girls’ section with 19 and 18 points respectively.

   Krishna Edwards, who gave York Castle 18 points, was the top athlete of class 3. 
  Brittany Medley who gave Vere Technical 17 points headed the young but impressive class 4.  

The championships’ overall champions were Ryan Brown of Old Harbour High with 27 points and Taneika Elliston of Holmwood Technical with 21 points.


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