By Vijay, writer 

MONACO – Jamaica’s world record 4x200m run at the inaugural World Relays in Bahamas, in May, has been rectified by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).

The quartet of Nickel Ashmeade, Warren Weir, Jermaine Brown and Yohan Blake combined for 1:18.63 in the men’s 4x200m final to beat the previous mark, set some 20 years ago.

The old mark of 1:18.68 was set by Americans Michael Marsh, Leroy Burrell, Floyd Heard and Carl Lewis in Walnut, USA on 17 April 1994

The IAAF also ratified the 4x800m record 7:13.11 set by USA All Star in Boston, USA on 8 February 2014. Richard Jones, David Torrence, Duane Solomon and Erik Sowinski combined to beat the old mark of 7:13.94, which was also achieved in Boston, on 6 February 2000 by Joey Woody, Karl Paranya, Rich Kenah and David Krummenacker.

The women’s 1000m World Junior Indoor Record of 2:35.80 by Mary Cain, set also in Boston, on 8 February 2014 got ratification too… The previous mark was 2:40.1 by Diana Richburg.

In IAAF in their release said “Please note that an earlier performance by Mary Cain set at another track in Boston – 2:39.25 Mary Cain USA, Boston, USA, 16 Jan 14 – remains pending ratification”


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