“It’s Time to share my knowledge,” said Jamaican discus thrower Jason Morgan, who is searching for a coaching job in the United States.

Morgan, a Jamaican Olympian, many times national champion in the discus and shot put, has also titles in the USA at the Conference and Regional Championships. He is also many-time All-American.

Also for Jamaica, he completed at the Pan Am Games, CAC, World Championships, and according to him … “I am passionate and driven by the desire of giving back to student athletes as a coach and sharing of life experiences and accomplishments.”

“My primary goal and vision, which is to empower student athletes to reach their maximum potential on and off the field,” said Morgan, who is named to the Jamaica's Commonwealth Games to compete July 23 to August 3 in Scotland.

“I am interested in a coaching job starting August 2014. If your school wants a good dedicated coach who can develop throwers to be the very best. Let me know. In all throws,” Morgan wrote in a note to TrackAlerts.com

Morgan is available to work anywhere across the US with D1, D2 or Juco. Email him at [email protected]


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