By IAAF, Press Release

Monaco – Now in its 19th year, the IAAF World Athletics Day is the sport’s annual worldwide festival of youth and one of the busiest programmes of competitions in the athletics calendar.

The World Athletics Day offers the opportunity to promote the sport through youth participation in  clubs and schools.

The IAAF World Athletics Day when it began in 1996, was initially planned exclusively for youngsters who were members of clubs affiliated to IAAF Member Federations but, in recent years, the scope of the project has broadened to include the participation of school children in team competitions.

The IAAF World Athletics Day has now become a complete and an important event which promotes our sport around the world.

The goal of the IAAF World Athletics Day is to firmly establish an important link between the youth, our sport, and environmental conservation.

The IAAF World Athletics Day 2014 takes place in May, preferably the weekend of Saturday 10 & Sunday 11 May.

Starting this year, the IAAF World Athletics Day will also be part also be part of the IAAF Social Responsibility project called Athletics for a Better World, which was launched on Tuesday (8).

More details of Athletics for a Better World can be found here.

The IAAF World Athletics Day 2014 involves youth age group children from clubs who were born in 1997-1998 (16-17 years old).

In accordance with the goal of the IAAF Athletics’ World Plan to make athletics the number one sport in schools, the World Athletics Day is also being organised in close cooperation with the relevant national ministry which is in charge of school sport in each country.

The age group for these school team activities is boys and girls born in 1999-2000-2001 (13-15 years old).


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