Bahamian Olympic Games 1600m relay gold medallist, Demetrius Pinder, won the 200m at Bulls Invitational with 21.56 (+2.0) on Friday in Tampa.
Another Bahamian sprinter Alfred Higgs clocked 10.42 (+1.8) in the 100m.

Meanwhile, in Fort Worth, fast windy sprint times were recorded at TCU Invitational. NCAA Champion Charles Silmon clocked 10.03 (+4.4) in the 100m, second Cordero Gray also 10.03. In first race, Everett Walker 10.17 (+4.4). 

In the 200m, Trayvon Bromell 20.23 (+3.3) and in fifth race Jamil Hubbard 20.40 (+2.7) ahead of Silmon 20.51 and former World and Olympic 400m winner Jeremy Wariner 20.95. 

In women events, Chelsea Hayes has a good triple, 11.20 (+4.0), 22.93 (+4.3) and 6.88m (+2.6) in the long jump. Faster in the 100m was Nigerian Stephanie Kalu 11.15 (+4.5), here second British NCAA Long jump champion Lorraine Ugen 11.53.


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