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Five months after it opened its doors to the public, the David Riley led Technique lab continues toattract international attention from those in the sporting fraternity.  The most recent visit and positiveendorsement comes from IAAF Director Abdel Malek El Hebil, who during a visit to Jamaica on Friday,February 14, 2014 toured the lab and referred to it as a very important scientific development partner for coaches and athletes.

“[Having toured the facility] I found it to be very good and a facility that would be very helpful to develop coaches and athletes. This is especially so as scientists consider these assessments to be an important part of our system of development and coaches too like to be advised by scientists.  I also understand it is the first such lab in the region and this makes it very important for sports development”Malek noted.

During his visit Malek witnessed first-hand how the varied tests are conducted and fielded several questions relating to the lab’s operations.  Accompanying him on the tour was the JAAA General Secretary Mr Garth Gayle and executive members of the Jamaica Track and Field Coaches Association (JATAFCA).

The IAAF official’s visit adds to Technique Lab’s ability to attract tours from heavyweights in varied sporting and fitness disciplines. Only months before, NACAC president, Victor Lopez toured the lab and noted how impressed he was with the offerings.

Managing Director, David Riley welcomed the IAAF official’s visit while reiterating Technique Lab’s commitment to being the ultimate training partner for all coaches and athletes irrespective of sporting disciplines. The Technique Lab director also encourages persons who have a general interest in fitness and health to come on by for a fitness test and consultation to determine the areas that need work the most.

Since its September 2013 launch, the region’s first Sports Performance and Fitness Lab has hosted several free workshops and training sessions. The lab also continues to offer structured individualised training programmes for athletes across all sporting platforms and is able to test: body composition, muscular strength, muscular endurance, power, speed/quickness, agility, reaction time, flexibility, balance and coordination, cardiovascular endurance, motor skills, and eye/hand coordination among others.

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