Technique Lab, the Caribbean's first & only Sports Performance & Fitness Centre located in Kingston, Jamaica, recently hosted Reese Hoffa (USA) the 2007 IAAF World Champion in the Shot Put and his coach Don Babbitt.

Both were on the island to attend the 10th staging of the Big Shot Invitational Throws Meet at the UWI Usain Bolt Track on Saturday, January 18, 2014.

Don Babbitt, who coaches at the University of Georgia (USA), was the guest presenter at the Workshop sponsored by Technique Lab on Jan 17th on the topic “From Unknown to World Champion, the Evolution of Reese Hoffa.” The presentation, which was made to a group of coaches and athletes, outlined the progress and performance of Reese Hoffa and included details on his work-outs and the coaching philosophy that was used to develop his prowess over the years.

“It is rare to see documentation or publication on the journey of an athlete and I thought it would be interesting to put together this body of work on Reese”, said coach Babbitt in explaining the concept behind the presentation. Technique Lab’s Performance Coach David Riley said it was a pleasure for the company to host the Workshop as it is exactly the kind of information that it wants to give to coaches and athletes.

“We are excited about what is happening in the field events and especially the throws and we will play our role in exposing coaches and athletes to technical information that can impact how they approach their training and competition”, said Coach Riley.

Technique Lab boasts over 100 performance tests in its 4300 sq ft facility, to assess Athletic Fitness Components like Strength, Flexibility, Power, Reaction time, Agility and Body Composition. The company utilizes technology to help athletes across all sports to improve their performance by measuring specific fitness components.

They also have a 25 seater Video Analysis Lab fitted with the latest video analysis software for interacting with multi-angle video for instructional purposes as well as technique correction.


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