By Amanda Wilkins, Trackalerts.Com Contributor

Former Holmwood Technical High’s standout quarter-miler Chris-Ann Gordon has set herself two major targets for the 2014 track and field season.

One of Gordon’s major targets is to make Jamaica’s team to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland from July 23 to August 3, 2014.

Gordon, who is in her first year at the South Plains Junior College in Texas, USA, also wants to lower her personal best in the 400 metres.

The 19-year-old Gordon has a personal best of 51.62 seconds for the 400 metres achieved on April 2, 2011 in Kingston.

TrackAlerts caught up with Gordon at her new base.

Trackalerts: How are you settling in at your new college?

Chris-Ann Gordon: My time at South Plains is very good, I am very comfortable and have no regrets in my decision to move here.

TA: What about your athletic training?

CG: I have a great coach working with me. The coach has worked with a lot of athletes who went to the World Championships and the Olympics.

TA: How is your school work?

CG:  I am doing well so far. I got a 4.00 GPA for the first term and I am looking forward to the rest of the semesters. I am trying to balance my studies with my track and field training because I don't know what will happen in the future.

TA: Have you got a career in mind, other than athletics?

Gordon: I am majoring in business administration so I can become an entrepreneur.

TA: How is training?

CG:  I am doing pretty well so far. I am much stronger now and as a result I am should be improving this year as long as I am injury free.

TA: You are 86 in the world at 400 mtres, is that the distance you are concentrating on?

CG: Yes, that is my favorite distance. I want to become a World and Olympic Champion at the distance.

CG: Any other ambitions?

CG: My ultimate goal is to be top in everything I do as an athlete, but my 2014 goal is to better my personal best in the 400 meters and to make the Commonwealth Games.

TA: Which athlete has been inspirational to you?

CG: Veronica Campbell Brown.

TA: When you are not studying or training what is it you do.

CG: Looking after my pets and watching wrestling.


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