Despite the grueling heat and humidity, Natosha Rogers wins the 2022 NACAC Championships Women’s 5000m final in Freeport Bahamas in a championship record time of 15:11:68. Her teammates were 2nd and 3rd to grab the sweep in the event.

1usaNATOSHA ROGERSUSA15:11.6839.64Pl: 501:52.46Pl: 2+33:05.44Pl: 1+14:17.34Pl: 105:30.14Pl: 2-16:43.07Pl: 207:57.35Pl: 1+19:11.15Pl: 1010:25.21Pl: 2-111:39.21Pl: 1+112:53.50Pl: 2-114:06.01Pl: 2015:11.68Pl: 1+1three vertical dots
2usaFIONA O’KEEFFEUSA15:15.1339.33Pl: 201:52.18Pl: 1+13:05.63Pl: 2-14:17.54Pl: 205:29.88Pl: 1+16:42.81Pl: 107:57.57Pl: 2-19:11.38Pl: 2010:24.95Pl: 1+111:39.23Pl: 2-112:53.27Pl: 1+114:05.77Pl: 1015:15.13Pl: 2-1three vertical dots
3usaELEANOR FULTONUSA15:50.3139.60Pl: 301:52.73Pl: 303:05.89Pl: 304:18.00Pl: 305:31.07Pl: 306:46.33Pl: 308:03.99Pl: 309:22.00Pl: 3010:39.25Pl: 3011:58.04Pl: 3013:17.46Pl: 3014:35.58Pl: 3015:50.31Pl: 30three vertical dots
4canREBECCA BASSETTCAN16:15.9539.32Pl: 101:53.16Pl: 4-33:06.70Pl: 404:21.54Pl: 405:37.69Pl: 406:55.41Pl: 408:14.64Pl: 409:35.28Pl: 4010:56.64Pl: 4012:18.14Pl: 4013:41.30Pl: 4015:01.41Pl: 4016:15.95Pl: 40three vertical dots
5canGRACELYN LARKINCAN16:32.0739.61Pl: 401:53.50Pl: 5-13:07.22Pl: 6-14:22.25Pl: 5+15:41.20Pl: 507:01.94Pl: 508:23.00Pl: 509:44.35Pl: 5011:06.04Pl: 5012:27.88Pl: 5013:50.40Pl: 5015:12.09Pl: 5016:32.07Pl: 50three vertical dots
6cubSUAREZ ANISLEIDY OCHOACUB16:55.6639.94Pl: 601:53.74Pl: 603:06.97Pl: 5+14:22.85Pl: 6-15:45.96Pl: 607:08.65Pl: 608:30.57Pl: 609:55.33Pl: 6011:20.76Pl: 6012:46.10Pl: 6014:11.24Pl: 6015:38.10Pl: 6016:55.66Pl: 60three vertical dots
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