Abby Steiner wins US trials 2022

Abby Steiner has emerged as a very strong medal contender at next month’s World Athletics Championships and the American is relishing the prospect of taking on the Jamaicans on home soil.

Results Day 1 | European Athletics U18 Championships 2022
Mena 19.63, Abeykoon 9.96, Kloster 53.91
Shericka Jackson on 200m world record watch

Steiner, who has three of the top four fastest 200 meters times in the world this season, sits second on the 2022 world top list only behind the third-fastest woman in the history of the event, Shericka Jackson of Jamaica, with her personal best of 21.77 seconds, set to win the USATF National Championships this past weekend.

The NCAA indoor and outdoor champion also set collegiate records to win both events this season and she’s now looking forward to taking that form on the world stage to battle with the best global sprinters.

The University of Kentucky standout is particularly excited about the possible clash against the likes of Jackson, Olympic champion Elaine Thompson-Herah, and Shelly-Ann Fraser-PryceRead more: Shericka Jackson – I made “so many mistakes” in my 21.55 secs 200m race

“I am really excited [to race against the Jamaicans],” Steiner said with a big smile. She added: “I’m excited to be on a world stage for the first time and being able to represent my country it’s really special.”

Steiner has had a very busy campaign thus far in 2022, racing no less than 36 times in open events (60, 100, 200, 300), in addition to competing in several relays.

Steiner will be ready for World Championships

There are some concerns over whether the Kentucky star will be able to hold her peak for the start of the world championships, but she isn’t too worried.

“I completely trust my coach so I know that his training cycles will have me ready for these meets,” the 22-year-old said during her post-race interview on Sunday.

After running 21.80 seconds to secure the NCAA Championships 200m title and then posting 21.77 secs to land the USATF National crown in back-to-back championship races in Oregon this June, Steiner can’t wait to return to Hayward Field next month for the worlds.

“I’m excited to come back to Eugene. After being here twice it’s a familiar environment. [I’m] really looking to take it one round at a time.

“Since it’s my first world championships I don’t have a lot of expectations for myself but hoping to come out of the rounds similar to how I treated them this weekend [25-26 June] and just go from there.

Asked what she thinks it will take to get on the podium at the world championships, Steiner paused and then replied, “Another PB for sure.” She continued: “21.70, maybe lower than that, I’m not sure.”

Steiner will lead the American women’s 200m team at the 2022 World Athletics Championships and she will be joined by Tamara Clark and Jenna Prandini who were second and third, respectively at the trials.

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  2. Abby is definitely a great athlete. Who wouldn’t be excited and want to compete with the best. The stage will represent the best athletes in the world. Best of luck to all athletes. And Abby will do great.

  3. This young lady is very humble and we from the Caribbean and ready for all challenges so we wish you well Abbey 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇺🇸🇺🇸 I am a Jamerican

  4. There is nothing wrong with being excited about the competition. I think she will split the Jamaicans. Abby Steiner’s PR in 200 is faster than Shelly’s best. Everyone is talking bad about Abby like they know her times. Y’all saying she will get dusted in the 100m but she’s not running in the 100m at the World Ship which shows you don’t even know what she is capable of in the 200m.

  5. The Jamaican women should sweep. Abby has had a very long and historical season.
    But if she has more in the tank, she has the competitive instinct, she may be able to come up with something big.
    Anything less than a sweep will be a Jamaican disappointment.

  6. For those of you thinking she called out the Jamaicans, you need to actually read the article. “I am really excited [to race against the Jamaicans],” Steiner said with a big smile. She added: “I’m excited to be on a world stage for the first time and being able to represent my country it’s really special.” The girl just said she was excited. She’s super humble. Best of luck to her.

  7. I don’t care what the outcome is, I’m just extremely excited that ALL of these women are running such fast times, and putting the spotlight on Track and Field! They’re amazing athletes! 💯💙

  8. It’s crazy how the Jamaican runners don’t say a thing about the other competitors yet stay getting dragged into something. In their interviews they’ve discussed their times and improving it not the other athletes

  9. You’d think they would learn from Sha’Carri to chill with the talking…Jamaicans run their feet, not their mouth! 🇯🇲🇯🇲

  10. Janet Mcleish ‘ I’m not saying she doesn’t belong here , but I’ve seen #3 Jamaican that aren’t going to lay down 👇 ….

  11. If all the American athletes had the attitude and mentality of that beautiful and talented young lady who just broke her world record in the 400 hurdles..they would be so widely admired and respected..but all the swagger and beating of chest is tasteless..especially when its all hype..

    • Gene Strachan you are talking about Sydney McLaughlin. But you do know Abby Steiner is beating no-one’s chest. She is just running. This is a story written by a journalist. Abby has said she would need to run another PR to even medal at the Worlds.

    • Gene Strachan The Jamaican women been bringing it to the Track ❤️ , & showing they’re the 1′ s to beet .1 2 & 3 ever since . No swagger here ,like that beautiful sunshine u mention , Trust me , we’ll see 👀 what she really has ….


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