Jamaica juniors Tina and Tia Clayton finished 1-2 in the U20 100m final at Carifta Games
Tina and Tia Clayton finished 1-2 in the U20 100m final at Carifta Games

Jamaica junior athletes will be in action this Saturday (21 May) at the National Stadium. The young athletes will use the JAAA/SDF Development Series 1.1 to prepare for Jamaica’s National Junior Championships, Trials, over three days – 23-26 June.

Jamaica junior athletes are preparing for the World U20 Championships in Cali, Colombia, August 1 – 6. Live streaming will be on Trackalerts’ YouTube page.

Jamaica junior athletes ORDER OF EVENTS

1:30 PM #15 Women Long Jump Finals
1:30 PM #17 Women Discus Throw Finals
1:30 PM #21 Women Shot Put Finals
2:00 PM #13 Women 100 Meter Hurdles Finals
2:10 PM #14 Men 110 Meter Hurdles Finals
2:15 PM #16 Men Long Jump Finals
2:15 PM #18 Men Discus Throw Finals
2:15 PM #22 Men Shot Put Finals
2:20 PM #1 Women 100 Meter Dash Finals
2:36 PM #2 Men 100 Meter Dash Finals
2:53 PM #5 Women 400 Meter Dash Finals
3:06 PM #6 Men 400 Meter Dash Finals
3:19 PM #7 Women 800 Meter Run Finals
3:28 PM #8 Men 800 Meter Run Finals
3:36 PM #9 Women 1500 Meter Run Finals
3:42 PM #10 Men 1500 Meter Run Finals
3:52 PM #11 Women 400 Meter Hurdles Finals
3:58 PM #12 Men 400 Meter Hurdles Finals

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