Elaine Thompson-Herah blazes to historic double-double at Tokyo 2020 - Puerto Rico Classic Live Stream
Thompson-Herah blazes to historic double-double at Tokyo 2020

Two-time Olympic Games sprint double champion Elaine Thompson-Herah thinks the 200m world record is easier than the 100m to break.

Thompson-Herah, the closest to Florence Griffith Joyner’s (Flo-Jo) 100m (10.49) and 200m (21.34) world records, has personal best times of 10.54 and 21.53. Both times are Jamaican records.

“I would say the 200m (easier) because I ran 21.53, not getting enough recovery from running two round the previous day (at the Olympics),” she explained.
Thompson-Herah continued: “…The 200m more than the 100m because the 100m you have to nail that start, and my start is not that perfect yet…”

Thompson-Herah won the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games 100m in 10.61 and 200m in 21.53. Fourteen days after the Olympics, in her first Diamond League meet, the Prefontaine Classic, she ran her lifetime best 10.54.

She ran 10.64 and 10.72 in her last two Diamond League races.

Elaine says she has surprised herself with everything she has done this season so far.

“…It’s not that I didn’t expect it, but my expectations weren’t high,” she said of her season so far.

How to watch the Zurich Diamond League Live Stream

She is in Zurich now for Thursday, September 9 Wanda Diamond League final. She will only contest the US$30,000 top prize women’s 100m final.

Asked if she was thinking about doubling at the Diamond League final, Elaine had this to say.

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  1. 21.34 is easier than the 10.49.. In Tokyo she had the perfect opportunity of going closer. J guess she might come close when she next faces the African Sprint Queen. Christine Mboma

  2. David Kahambuee Elaine has nothing to prove a matter of fat none of the Jamaicans athletes have nothing to prove to y’all doubters y’all keep underestimating the Jamaicans always think it’s gonna take away from others athletes if y’all give them their props but I love how they don’t hype not talking until their feet hit the track and for some reason they always manage to put their doubters like you to eat your words


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