Alex Wilson to miss Tokyo 2020

Sensational sprinting at the Georgia Games in Georgia, USA, by Swiss sprinter Alex Wilson recorded stunning times in the 100m and 200m. 

He clocked 9.84 (+1.9m/s wind) in the 100m, which is better than the current European record.  In the 200 m, his time was 19.89 (+1.8m/s wind) what would be a new Swiss record. 

The conditions were ideal per reports in Swiss media, with 30 degrees and favourable wind. 

Alex Wilson switches focus to Tokyo 2020

On Monday, Wilson flies back to Switzerland and then later to Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. He is scheduled to run both 100m and 200m. 

It remains to see whether European Athletics will ratify the mark.

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Anthony Foster is a renowned Jamaican sports journalist, honored twice as the Jamaica sports journalist of the year (in 2004 and 2005). His journalistic achievements are globally recognized. Notably, he authored an award-winning article on Usain Bolt, the iconic 6-time Olympic champion, 11-time World champion, and record holder for the sprint double. This significant piece was published in the Jamaica Gleaner in 2004. Anthony's extensive coverage includes prestigious events such as the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008, London 2012, and Rio 2016. He has also provided coverage for seven (7) World Athletics Championships held between 2007 and 2022, alongside various other international sporting events. Noteworthy mentions comprise his coverage of the 2007 World Cup of cricket and his cherished experience reporting on the 2004 clash between his favorite football team, Argentina, and the USA.


  1. Guy Marco now you are getting personal I am saying it no one will run 3 Olympics 100 and 200 .I can back up what I say but just because we may not agree state what you know I liked at your bio and you are respected by me by it but don’t get personal with me

  2. Guy Marco listen I ran sprints in my day I know he is not running but sprints 100 200 and relay no one ever I mean ever 3 Olympics will ever touch it. Remember we will see when the final heat in 100 200 comes up who will be there and the time under 9.6 and under 19.1 we will see

    • Dominique Henderson To say “no one..will ever touch”.. is ridiculous – am sure same might have ran through many minds with regards then records prior to coming of Bolt –
      So they “will be touched” in the future

  3. Sub 9.9 in the 100 and sub 19.9 in the 200? Definitely in fine form for the Olympics. Probably on the medal stand for both events…


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