Noah Lyles for New York Grand Prix - US trials - Usain Bolt
Noah Lyles finishes third in tight men's 60m race at Austin meet

Noah Lyles said he is still striving to take down Usain Bolt’s 19.19 200m world record.

At last month’s Inspiration Games, Lyles briefly appeared to have broken the record, stopping the clock at 18.90 seconds in the 200m.

However, it turned out he had only run 185 metres. His has personal best of 19.50.

“I still believe it is obtainable and I will keep striving for it each time I run,” he told BBC.

Lyles said he never believe for a second Bolt’s record was broken.

“Automatically I knew that time was not real,” he said. “I was just waiting for it to update and for someone to give us an answer that sounds legitimate.

“I was running into a negative 3.7 headwind; it had rained that day – I just knew it was not right.”

Bolt, in an NBC Sports interview last October, said: “A lot of people see it and feel like you show up and you just run fast. For me, throughout the season, I figured out what I needed to do. I didn’t run races because I wanted to run fast. I ran races to figure out how I needed to run the corner, my technique I needed to fix.

Lyles said “training has been going extremely well” and that he is “getting stronger and stronger.”

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  1. Noah does not want to break the record because of ambition. The Americanstoo cocky and just think that they should always be on top. No Jamaican go out saying they want to break anyone’s record. The swag that on the Jamaicans no has it. The world did not love Bolt for making records; they loved that he was.CLEAN, Charismatic and humble. He.focused on his own race knowing that his only.competiton was himself. When you start making others your competition, you lose sight of yourself. Noah is too eager to please and chats a little bit too much. SLOW YOUR ROLL. It is going to take 3 more generations before another Bolt is born.

  2. He does not want to break the record because of ambition. The Americans just think they are the only ones must be on top so they are going to kill themselves to break Jamaican’s record. You never hear Jamaicans say they want to break records and even the ones who thought they could beat Bolt NEVER did. The athletic world did not only love that he made records; they loved him because he was CLEAN,charismatic and humble. NEVER paying the Americans any mind because he was his only competition. Noah is too eager to please others and chat just a little bit too much. SLOW YOUR ROLL AND FOCUS ON YOUR RACE. It is going to take 3 more generations before another BOLT is born.

  3. What’s the difference when Bolt had to break someone else’s records to become the icon he is today the best in the world always after time and gold idk why ppl get tight when Bolt’s records are mentioned 🤦‍♂️ 🤔 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Barry Cooper you would never hear Sir Bolt say that though he just go out there and do the work ,they just love to talk and yes records can be btoken

      • Venoris Bryce the same way we all love to talk they dedicate their lives to this sport why can’t they talk about what they want to do 🤦‍♂️

          • Sharon Brown the same way we all love to talk they dedicate their lives to this sport why can’t they talk about what they want to do 🤦‍♂️

  4. Some mean people in this thread. We should be happy that Usain’s greatness inspires other black talented athletes to thrive for his success and even better it. Why do we hate ourselves so much?

  5. Bolt did not go on the track saying I want to break anyone’s record. He ran because he loved it and it just happened. Noah just needs to enjoy himself on the track and it will just happen. His focus is too much on Bolt and breaking Bolt record. What are going to do Noah, run yourself into the ground just to break Bolt record. SMH

    • @Anita Shaw Exactly!, I don’t know why he’s so interested and so desperately want to break bolt’s record.. they need to learn from the best, they just come out and try to run and win a race.. bolt aim was always to come out to run and win a gold and not worry about time and records.. that’s why it not gonna happen with Lyle cause he worry too much about doing it, just don’t think about it and it will happen.. but on the other hand not saying records are not made to be broken but i don’t think bolt record gonna move any time soon,,maybe in a couple generation.

  6. Let’s see how can I put this. Usain Bolt does not run any more. New people are the starts and someone will break Bolts records at some point. Stop putting people down who are active for someone is not active any more. You will kill the sport!!!

    • Donovan Sterling hate to say it but Blake is not producing as expected since his sundry hamstring injuries. He’s had “enough” time for physical recovery but he’s not firing on all cylinders as he did before the injuries. Remember how explosive he was from any stage of either sprint? His average time is 10.00s. He struggled with 20.6s last week. Something is happening.

    • Persons believe you can come and break records like it’s nothing. Usain bolt record won’t be broken for awhile and not by noah lyles..

    • So are the Jamaicans. That’s why their 4×100 world record was taken away. Everyone except Bolt tested positive. I wonder why???

  7. Lyles is the most exciting sprinter on the circuit. I am anxious to see him bring his 100m times down. The aspirations he holds for the 200m record is not achievable if he doesn’t. There are a number of technical fixes he needs to address also. His coaches are aware I’m sure. Interesting times ahead

  8. Noah Lyles is joking not even 19.32 and 19.26 he cannot achieve he should talk to Michael Johnson and yohan Blake first

  9. Idk why y’all are saying negative, mean things. Any athlete should have a sight on a record. Everyone wants to be the best and that should be the goal. Does that mean they’re gonna get it? Not always but why not want to be the Greatest of all time? Gives you something to strive for

  10. Trackalerts once again on their quest to demonize Lyles with the provocative headlines. The athlete is not parading around talking about breaking the world record. Whenever he’s asked about it, he answers the way any ambitious athlete would/SHOULD respond. He never said that he’s better than Bolt, nor does he intend to take over his spot. He just thinks the record is achievable. He has the right mindset.

  11. Records are meant to be broken. But, can he? He believes so yes. Nothing nuh wrong with that. With his race strategy or starting slow and pick up back in the race won’t break the record. He would have to balance both. And start consistent over the 100m


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