Dina Asher Smith
Dina Asher Smith

British’s media, the Telegraph wrote “Dina Asher-Smith in pole position for World Championships 200m in Shaunae Miller-Uibo’s absence.”

However, there has been mix reaction on social media, to the story carried after Miller-Uibo beat Asher-Smith at the Birmingham Diamond League on Sunday (18 Aug).

Click the link for the story and see comments below:

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Sage Mchottie A mean the article here is just pure make believe, hopes and wishes. I love Dina and all, but she’s up against some top contenders here. I know anything can happen and she’s working hard to medal, but to hell if y’all think Elaine 21.65 is just happy feet. She’s still that B***#, plus Miller and Dolphin ?Slippers ? are still 200m superstars in their own rights lol.3
    • Worrell Serviss This article in base solely and hopes and dreams. Love Asher-Smith, but Miller Uibo is not here only competition.
    • Jenny Carruthers She only beat Elaine in Stockholm where the weather was sub 10C. She had been running in cool conditions prior. It literally was a shock to Elaine’s system. Doha will be different. The fastest 2019 time still belongs to Elaine. I do think Dina is improving and has been very consistent this year. Even without Shaunae it will still be a great contest.
    • Wayne G Beckford Dina has to be considered one of the favorites and will be on tbe podium.
    • Lemieux Steran Really?? I guess Elaine Thompson doesn’t count
    • O’Brien Brown @ Elaine Thompson is going to win this 200m at world championship and That’s a fact???
    • Everett Davey O’Sullivan Hmm… are they forgetting about Elaine Thompson?
    • Top Fan
      Earl Chestnut Going say again Elaine and Shelley will not beat Miller in the 200 if she was running.They not saving anything they just can’t beat her.
    • Andrae Munroe These organizers make no sense..us as fans want to see them attempt a 200m-400m double
    • Top Fan
    • Stephen Edcel Ferguson But ,Thompson will be there
    • Gordon Shereen This is a case of counting chickens before they hatch.
    • Kurt Pagan Pole position? ????????
      Berto Hyatt Really. U forgot ET and one lil loss doesn’t mean she can beat SFP at Doha
    • Simbreezy Bernard What do you expect from british media
      Sfp and elaine fimmie money deh pan
      Mi did expect dem fi deh dat still beca shelly cum 3rd but dat nuh mean shi nah guh fi di 1st like a flash
    • Omar Esson She will not beat mommy rocket not to mention Elaine
    • Worrell Serviss Sage Mchottie you need yo stop: calling the girl dolphin Slippers. But you are absolutely correct. Dina is England’s hope of glory, but Elaine would have to be sick or dying for Asha-Smith beat hear. I know anything can happen but good luck with that.
    • Jenny Carruthers Philip Burgess, she deserves respect. One of the best performers all season, improving from last year
    • Philip Burgess Jenny Carruthers I respect the athlete greatly. I disagree with the premise on which the writer is basing his argument. In fact Ms. Asher Smith said it herself, this race means nothing in the context of Doha. Her beating the rest of the field in Birmingham just means she beat the rest of the field in Birmingham. All of these athletes are almost superhuman in their abilities. They are separated by milliseconds and thus any out of four or five can take a race on a given day. World Championships and Olympics are different animals though. Experience comes to play there. I wish her all the very best but it will be a tall task to defeat SFP, Elaine, Talou and Dafne in a major championship meet. Besides their experience on the day, there is the psychological game to be played by the athletes and their coaches as well. All that said, Shaunae is fast approaching the category that Usain is in ie: unbeatable.
    • Cammy Taylor Philip Burgess also these are one off races, the WC have rounds then we will see who is the fittest and the most focused and we all know Shelly is a championship performer always competing at the highest level. Once ET remains healthy she’s gonna be hard to beat come Doha in both the 100 and the 200m.
    • Jenny Carruthers Cammy Taylor, I would rate Asher Smith above Schippers at present. Asher Smith won the European Championships double which involves rounds. She has been very consistent since last season. When some JA fans dismissed her earlier in the season I said she was one to watch as a serious medal prospect. It is still looking like that is the case.
    • Cammy Taylor Jenny Carruthers no doubt she look as if she is in contention for medals in both the 100m and 200m for sure.


  1. Good run in the national championships- 10.96 into a minus 1.7 wind and 11.03 ht into minus 2.3 headwind, so obviously improving through the season. Worth 10.81 or thereabouts.


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