The IAAF has issued regulations for the first time for Authorised Neutral Athletes wishing to compete at the IAAF World Cross Country Championships Aarhus 2019.

Athletes who have been granted Authorised Neutral Athlete status may apply to the IAAF to participate in the World Cross Country Championships through a neutral athlete liaison person designated by the IAAF who will act on behalf of all neutral athletes seeking to participate.

Neutral athletes may only apply to compete in individual events. A maximum of three neutral athletes from the same suspended Federation will be allowed to compete in each event. Four neutral athletes from the same suspended Federation can initially be entered per event.

Each neutral athlete will be entitled to be accompanied by two people who are accredited for the period of the championships. Those support personnel must be approved by the IAAF whose decision to approve or not approve their participation will be final.

Entries must be submitted by midnight 18 March.

Download the regulations in full.


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