Dionne Rose Henley
Dionne Rose Henley

Former Jamaican sprint hurdler Dionne Rose Henley, who represented Jamaica at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, died on Monday night after a battle with cancer.

Juliet Flynn: “
I pay tribute to you my Olympic sister. You have cleared your final hurdle and now at rest. Your everlasting smile and big laugh will be remembered by many who loved sharing a space with you as teammate. Condolences to the family and friends of Dionne. It’s hard to say goodbye to you. #Olympicteammate

Paris Mcbeam: “Oh coach D.. My heart ?hurt the moment I heard you weren’t well. You recruited me with such big source of encouragement, Gave me the guidance I needed and Molded me the first year of my college journey at CMU. You gave me an opportunity to become who I am right now. And I will forever be grateful. Coach Dionne Henely had the biggest heart you could see it through her smile and laugh. Sleep on angel ?…. I send prayers and my deepest sympathy to her family members, friends and all the athletes hearts that she have touched.

Ross Parsons: “Dionne Henely coach “D” is one of the few people in life that you can never say a bad thing about. Her love and joy were contagious to everyone at CMU. She gave me lots of wisdom I will forever hold on to. She was a mother and dear friend to many on the team. Praying for her family and friends.

Holly Stark: “It isn’t to often that people come into your life and truly change it! Running at the collegiate level was a dream of mine that you turned into my reality. You were more than just a coach to all of us, you had become family! You were a truly unique, inspirational, and tenacious women! Rest easy Coach D, we all love you so much ❤️ Dionne Henely

Stephanie Foster: “I find myself speechless! You are such a gift from the universe so I guess it only right we had to share you. You are loved and will truly be missed. Rest Easy Dionne Henely

Alexsis Studer: “I’ll forever be grateful for you shaping me into the person I am today. You were the best coach anyone could ask for. You’re positively was contagious on and off the track. Always making sure your squad was healthy and happy. Being at track practice every day was one of the greatest highlights of my college career. Thank you Coach D. Heaven gained an angel on the most glorious day. ?❤️

Barbara Denise: “RIP Dionne Henely. I love you and you will be missed by all who knew you because you was a sweet person.??

Novelette Lovelace: “Feeling sad and emotional!
Thanks to everyone who extended prayers, for my sister. Dionne Rose,.Dionne will no longer be with us, gone to be with the Lord. She will surely be missed, I just wish I could talk to her,laugh with her again, over our childhood memories, we had so much fun together.
Dionne, gone but you’ll never be forgotten, you’ll always be in my heart,I love you so much girl, may your beautiful soul rest in peace.

Bobby Wilson: “???. Dionne Always always had a smile. Never had anything bad to say about anyone. Always was able to make you smile or laugh. A very positive person to be around. She will be missed. Dionne Henely Dionne Rose

Tina Davis: “I just cannot put into words how I feel. I love you with all my heart and I can’t believe this. ? You were more than a just a coach, you are my best friend, my other mom, and soooo much more. Dionne, you mean the world to me. I’ll miss you more than you’ll ever know. I will always cherish the memories I have. From I remember my last time see you physically, we were leaving the restaurant after my graduation and we cried cause we knew we would miss each other but that was just our relationship. I cried as we pulled off and called you and you was crying too ? we was a hot mess. You always told me I was your last kid. I guess I really was. I love you sooo fckn much.

Glenn Smith: “So sad that my good friend Dionne Henely has passed on tonight. What an awesome person to be around who made a great impact on anyone who had the good fortune to meet her. This was the last picture we took together, co-workers from CMU reunited last May at the Sun Belt Championships

DeJanae DayJay Terry: “Coach d I didn’t realize how much I loved you but this one really hurts, for three years you’ve been my coach. You believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. I’m at a lost for words right now, I am grateful I had the chance to know you, and to be coached by you. You made practice fun even on the hard days. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me, I love you Dionne Henely ? I guess God needed you more


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