Yanique Haye-Smith, winner of the women's 400m hurdles

The IAAF Council agreed to reinstate Transfer of Allegiance under new rules, with immediate effect.

In February last year, the Council froze the Transfer of Allegiance rule so it had time to develop a solution to the growing problem of athlete trafficking.

The new rules, which will be sent to Member Federations in the next few days and posted on the IAAFwebsite, enshrine the following key principles that were approved by Council in March.

– a minimum three-year waiting period before an athlete may transfer to represent another Member;

– establishment of a review panel to make determinations on the credibility of applications;

– the provision of evidence that countries are offering full citizenship and associated rights;

– the provision that an athlete can transfer only once; and

– that no transfers take place before the age of 20.

As there are Area Championships approaching in the next few weeks, the Transfer of Allegiance Review Panel will endeavour to process those that have been held in the system as quickly as possible.

Athletes and Member Federations will be required to complete new paperwork and sign a declaration before their case is reviewed by the panel. No athlete is able to confirm they have transferred to another territory or country until the review panel has made a final decision.


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