The Saint Lucia Athletics Association (SLAA) staged an extraordinary general meeting on Saturday 17th December 2016. The venue was held the Marchand Combined School. 12 of the 14 financial affiliates were represented, with one unfinancial affiliate also present.

The business of the meeting was twofold. A motion to remove the Central Executive, and, should that motion pass, election of a new set. Jim Xavier, Director of Youth and Sports in the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports, was the presiding officer.

Of the 10 affiliates present when the meeting was called to order, nine voted for the dissolution of the Central Executive, with one abstention. That opened the way for election of a new group to lead the affairs of the national governing body for track and field and athletics.

For the post of president, Andrew Magloire defeated Wayne Burton 17-6. Burton was president from 2006 to 2010, vice president from 2010 to 2014, and president from 2014. Magloire was previously SLAA president from 1989 to 1992, and is a veteran coach and official.

Management consultant, Roderick Cherry, was elected 1st Vice President, capturing seven votes. Coach, national record holder and former national athlete, Dane Magloire, got six votes, former athlete Cornelia Jn Baptiste had four, and there were six abstentions.

For 2nd Vice President, coach and school teacher, Titus Dafrose Elien, defeated Dane Magloire 7-6, with Cornelia Jn Baptiste getting three votes, and eight abstaining.

School teacher, Rochelle Jn Baptiste, was elected Secretary 14-8 over former coach and former SLAA Vice President, Henry Bailey, with two abstentions.

Brendaline Descartes was retained as Assistant Secretary, defeating Cornelia Jn Baptiste 20-4.

Terry Finisterre was elected Treasurer 9-8 over Wayne Burton, with eight abstentions.

Dane Magloire was appointed Public Relations Officer unopposed.

Gimry Lewis and Rena Samuel got nine and eight votes, respectively as floor representatives, Charde Desir got three, with four abstentions. Lewis joins Samuel, who served in the same position on the previous Central Executive.

The new Central Executive will serve until September 2018.


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