KINGSTON, Jamaica (CARIBUPADTE) — Double Olympic gold medalist, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, is set to publish her tell-all autobiography this year, detailing her many struggles and obstacles along her path to becoming an Olympic champion.

The autobiography titled, “Pryceless Journey”, is a soul-searching testimony that reveals very personal information, giving access to sensitive information involving feelings of emotional upheaval, as well as providing success tips in overcoming personal challenges.

Teaming up with veteran journalist Ian Boyne, host of Television Jamaica’s long-standing motivational/inspirational programme – Profile, Shelly-Ann says “Pryceless Journey” will demonstrate the power of positive thinking, diligent application and resilience.

“I am normally a shy and very private person so some things told in this book will be revealed for the first time, even to some of my closest friends!”

admitted Shelly-Ann.”But I thought it was important to show people that anyone can achieve his or her dreams, no matter the limitations people place on you, or the doubts they voice about you,” she added.

“I want people to read this book and be inspired by my personal determination that led to my Olympic success and realise you can accomplish your goals, no matter where you are from!

“The book also gives insight about Shelly-Ann’s injury-plagued year leading up to her experience at the Rio 2016 Olympics and how she dealt with the disappointment of failing to achieve her goal of becoming the first person to win three successive 100m Olympic gold medals.

It also details what happened that night after the race and what she said to her fellow Jamaican competitors, including her teammate Elaine Thompson, prior to the crucial and defining race.

Ian Boyne, who conducted interviews with Shelly-Ann over a nearly one year period said, “working with Shelly-Ann on this project has been one of the highlights of my career.

“Shelly-Ann is a truly remarkable athlete and human being. She is the complete package,” Boyne said, adding that he left each interview session with her feeling “energised, exhilarated and inspired.

“He added that his introductory chapter titled, “An Appreciation” gives a behind-the-scenes peek of those interview sessions and “my personal assessment of this great champion”.

“Pryceless Journey” will be released locally by Pelican Publishers with international release to be negotiated and finalised.”We don’t document enough on the personal experiences of outstanding Jamaicans, and this book will address that deficit.

In Shelly-Ann’s case, her journey prior to Olympic history in 2008, right through to now”, Boyne said.

“A major motivation for this book also, is to give a testimony of my Christian faith. I want people to know how much my relationship with Christ has influenced my life and achievements.

I want to bear witness!” said Shelly-Ann.In “Pryceless Journey”, she speaks openly and fully for the very first time about her relationship with her husband, Jason, (Jigga) whom she credits for a lot of her success on and off the track.

The government of Jamaica has announced its intention to erect a statue in Shelly-Ann’s honor in time for the 55th Independence celebrations next year. Later this month, she will also be the recipient of the award of the Honorary Doctorate from the University of The West Indies


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