photomark 1 1024x531 1024x531 1RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – The English-speaking Caribbean will be represented by 205 athletes (93 women, 113 men) from sixteen (16) countries and territories competing in thirteen sporting disciplines at this year’s Olympic Games beginning in Brazil on Friday, (5 August).

Jamaica leads the way with 59 athletes followed by Bahamas and Trinidad Tobago with 32 each.

All delegations have at least one woman with four teams (British Virgin Islands, Jamaica, St. Lucia and US Virgin Islands) having a larger share of women to men.  Nine (Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Cayman Islands, Grenada, St. Kitts Nevis, Trinidad and Tobago and US Virgin Islands) have more men while four (Bermuda, Dominica and Guyana, St. Vincent & the Grenadines) have equal number of women and men.

Athletics continue to the region’s sport of choice in terms of the number of countries/territories and the number of participants.  All but one (Aruba) of the sixteen countries/territories have registered entrants in Athletics. Swimming is next with entries from fourteen delegations following by Sailing (six) and Rowing (three). Artistic Gymnastics, Judo, Boxing, Triathlon will see representations from two National Olympic Committees (NOC) while Cycling, Diving, Shooting, Taekwondo, Tennis and Triathlon will each have competitors from one NOC.

One hundred and fifty-three (153) of the region’s Olympians are set to compete in athletics, 27 in Swimming, nine (9) in Sailing and three (3) in Rowing.

Trinidad and Tobago is competing in the most sporting disiciplines- eight (Athletics, Boxing, Cycling, Artistic Gymnastics, Judo, Rowing, Sailing, Swimming). Bermuda (Athletics, Rowing, Sailing, Swimming and Triathlon) and Barbados (Athletics, Shooting, Swimming, Tennis and Triathlon) are next competing in five areas. Aruba (Judo, Sailing, Swimming, Taekwondo), Jamaica (Athletics, Diving, Artistic Gymnastics and Swimming) and US Virgin Islands (Athletics, Boxing, Sailing and Swimming) will feature in four sports.

SPORTS Number of Countries entered Number of athletes entered
Athletics 15 (ex. ARU) 153
Swimming 14 (ex., DMA, SKN) 27
Sailing 6 (ARU, BER, CAY, LCA, TTO, ISV 9
Rowing 3(BAH, BER, TTO) 3
Artistics Gymnastics 2 (JAM, TTO) 2
Judo 2 (ARU, TTO) 2
Boxing 2 (TTO, ISV) 2
Triathlon 2 (BAR, BER) 2
Cycling 1 (TTO) 1
Diving 1 (JAM) 1
Shooting 1(BAR) 1
Taekwondo 1 (ARU) 1
Tennis 1 (BAR) 1

Antigua and Barbuda-(Nine)

ATHLETICS: (Women)-Priscilla Frederick; (Men)-Daniel Bailey, Miguel Francis, Cejhae Greene, Jared Jarvis, Chavaughn Walsh, Tahir Walsh

SWIMMING: (Women)-Samantha Roberts, (Men)-Noah-Mascoll-Gomes,

Women: 2/9-22%; Men: 7/9-78%

Youngest-Roberts (16 yrs); Oldest Bailey (29 yrs)

Athletics-7/9; Swimming -2/9


JUDO: (Men)-Jayme Mata

SAILING: (Women)-Philipine Van Aanholt, Nicole Van Der Valdern; (Men)-Thus Visser

SWIMMING: (Women)-Allyson Ponson; (Men)-Mikel Schreuders

TAEKWONDO: (Women)-Monica Pimentel-Rodriquez

Youngest-Schreuders (17 yrs); Oldest-Mata (33 yrs)

Women:4/7-57% Men:3/7- 43%

Judo-1/7; Sailing-3/7; Swimming-2/7; Taekwondo-1/7


ATHLETICS: (Women)-Christine Amertil, Adanaca Bruce, Devynne Charlton, Lanece Clarke, Carmiesha Cox, Shaquania Dorsett , Sheniqua Ferguson, Tynia Gaither, Shaunae Miller, Pedrya Seymour, Anthonique Strachan, Bianca Stuart ; (Men)-Trevor Barry, Chris Brown,  Latario Collin-Minns, Steve Gardiner, Jeffery Gibson, Adrian Griffith, Shavez Hart, Michael Mathieu, Stephen Newbold, Demetrius Pinder, Jamail Rolle, Alonzo Russell, Leevan Sands, Teray Smith, Donald Thomas, Jamal Wilson

ROWING: (Women)-Emily Morley

SWIMMING: (Women)-Joanna Evans, Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace; (Men)-Dustin Tynes

Youngest-Dorsett (18 yrs), Oldest-Brown (37 yrs)

Women: 15/32-47%;Men:17/32-53%

Athletics-28/32; Rowing-1/32; Swimming-3/32

Barbados- (twelve)

ATHLETICS: (Women)- Kierre Beckles, Tia-Adana Belle, Akela Jones, Sada Williams; (Men)-Levi Cadogan, Ellis Burkehart, Ramon Gittens

SHOOTING: (Men)-Michael Maskell

SWIMMING: (Women)-Lani Cabrera; (Men)-Alex Sobers

TENNIS: (Men)-Darian King

TRIATHLON: (Men)-Jason Wilson

Youngest- Sobers (17 yrs); Oldest- Maskell (49 yrs)

Women: 5/12-42%; Men: 7/12-58%

Athletics: 7/12; Shooting-1/12; Swimming-2/12; Tennis-1/12; Triathlon 1/12

Bermuda- (eight)

ATHLETICS: (Men)-Harold Houston, Tyron Smith

ROWING: (Women)-Michelle Pearson

SAILING: (Women)-Celia Wollmann; (Men)-Cameron Pimentel

SWIMMING: Women)-Rebecca Heyliger; (Men)-Julian Fletcher

TRIATHLON: (Women)-Flora Duffy

Youngest-Wollman (18 yrs); Oldest-Smith (31 yrs)

Women: 4/8- 50%; Men: 4/8-50%

Athletics-2/8; Rowing 1/8; Sailing-2/8; Swimming-2/8; Triathlon 1/8

British Virgin Islands- (four)

ATHLETICS: (Women)-Tahesia Harrigan Scott, Ashley, Kelly; (Men)-Eldred Henry

SWIMMING: (Women)-Elinah Phillip

Youngest-Phillip (14 yrs); Oldest-Harrigan-Scott (34 yrs)

Women: 3/4- 75%; Men 1/4-25%

Athletics 3/4;  Swimming-1/4

Cayman Islands- (five)

ATHLETICS: (Men)-Ronald Forbes, Kemar Hyman

SAILING: (Women)-Florence Allan

SWIMMING: (Women)-Lara Butler; (Men)-Geoffrey Butler

Youngest-Allan (18 yrs) ; Oldest-Forbes (31 yrs)

Women: 2/5-40%, Men: 3/5-60%

Athletics-2/5; Sailing-1/5; Swimming-2/5

Dominica- (two)

ATHLETICS: (Women)-Thea Lafond; (Men)-Yordanys Duranona

Youngest-La Fond (22 yrs); Oldest-Duranona (28 yrs)

Women: 1/2-50%; Men: 1/2-50%


Grenada- (six)

ATHLETICS: (Women)-Kanika Beckles; (Men)-Kurt Felix, Kirani James, Bralon Taplin

SWIMMING: (Women)-Oreoluwa Cheribinl (Men)-Corey Ollivierre

Youngest-Cheribin (18 yrs); Oldest-Felix (28 yrs)

Women: 2/6-33%, Men:4/6- 67%

Athletics-4/6; Swimming-2/6

Guyana- (six)

ATHLETICS: (Women)-Aliyah Abram, Brenessa Thompson; (Men)-Troy Doris, Winston George

SWIMMING: (Women)-Jamil Sanmoogan; (Men)-Hannibal Gaskin

Youngest-Gaskin(18 yrs); Oldest-George (29 yrs)

Women: 3/6-50%, Men:3/6- 50%

Athletics-4/6;  Swimming-2/6

Jamaica- (fifty-nine)

ATHLETICS: (Women)- Elaine Thompson,Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Christania Williams, Shashalee Forbes, Simone Facey, Veronica Campbell-Brown, Kali Davis-White, Stephanie McPherson, Christine Day, Shericka Jackson, Novelene Williams-Mills, Anneisha McClaughlin-Wilby, Chrisann Gordon, Natoya Goule, Kenia Sinclair, Simoya Campbell, Aisha Praught, Shermaine Williams, Nickeisha Wilson, Monique Morgan, Ristananna Tracey, Leah Nugent, Kaliese Spencer, Janieve Russell, Kimberly Williams, Shanecka Thomas, Tarasue Barnett, Shadae Lawrence, Kellion Knibb, Danniel Thomas, Daina Levy

(Men)-Yohan Blake, Nickel Ashmeade, Jevaughn Minzie, Usain Bolt, Asafa Powell , Kemar Bailey, Julian Forte, Javon Francis, Fitzroy Dunkley, Nathon Allen, Rusheen McDonald, Javere Bell, Peter Matthews, Kemoy Campbell, Omar McLeod, Deuce Carter, Andrew Riley, Hansle Parchment, Romel Lewis,  Annsert Whyte, Jaheel Hyde, Roxroy Cato, Damar Forbes, Aubrey Smith, Clive Pullen, O’Dayne Richards, Fedrick Dacres

DIVING: (Men)-Yona Knight-Wisdom

ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS: (Women)-Toni-Ann Williams

SWIMMING:(Women)- Alia Atkinson; (Men)-Timothy Wynter

Youngest-Forbes (19 yrs); Oldest-St. Clair (36 yrs)

Women: 32/59-54%, Men:27/59- 46%

Athletics-55/59; Diving-1/59; Artistic Gymnatics-1/59; Swimming-2/59

St. Kitts Nevis- (seven)

ATHLETICS: Women)-Tameka Williams; (Men)-Antoine Adams, Allistar Clarke, Kim Collins, Brijesh Lawrence, Lestrod Roland, Jason Rogers,

Youngest-Roland (23 yrs); Oldest-Collins (40 yrs)

Women: 1/7-14%, Men:6/7-86%


St. Lucia- (five)

ATHLETICS: (Women)-Jeanelle Scheper, Levern Spencer; (Men)-Jahvid Best

SAILING: (Women)-Stephanie Lovell

SWIMMING: (Men)- Jordan Augier

Youngest-Lovell (20 yrs); Oldest-Spencer (32 yrs)

Women: 3/5-60%, Men:2/5-40%

Athletics-3/5; Sailing-1/5; Swimming-1/5

St. Vincent & the Grenadines- (four)

ATHLETICS: (Women)-Kineke Alexander; (Men)-Brandon Valentine-Parris

SWIMMING: (Women)-Izzy Joachim; (Men)-Sylvester Nikolas

Youngest-Joachim (16 yrs); Oldest-Alexander (30 yrs)

Women: 2/4-50%, Men:2/4-50%

Athletics-2/4; Swimming-2/4

Trinidad and Tobago- (thirty-two)

ATHLETICS: (Women)-Michelle-Lee Ahye, Kelly-Ann Baptiste, Janeil Bellille, Keston Bledman, Cleopatra Borel, Semoy Hackett, Sparkle McKnight, Kai Selvon, Khalifa St. Fort, Reyare Thomas; (Men)-Emmanuel Callender, Machel Cedenio, Marcus Duncan, Jehue Gordon, Lalonde Gordon, Kyle Greaux, Deon Lendore, Renny Quow, Jereem Richards, Jarrin Solomon, Rondel Sorillo, Mikel Thomas, Richard Thompson, Keshorn Walcott

BOXING: (Men)-Nigel Paul

CYCLING: (Men)-Njisane Phillip


JUDO: (Men)-Christopher George

ROWING: (Women)-Felice Chow

SAILING: (Men)-Andrew Sailing

SWIMMING: (Men)-George Bovell III, Dylan Carter

Youngest-St. Fort (18 yrs); Oldest-Chow (39 yrs)

Women: 11/32-34%, Men:21/32-66%

Athletics-24/32; Boxing-1/32, Cycling-1/32; Judo-1/32; Rowing-1/32; Sailing-1/32; Swimming-2/32

US Virgin Islands- (seven)

ATHLETICS: (Women)-Laverne Jones-Ferrette ; (Men)-Muhammad Abdul-Halim, Eddie Lovett

BOXING: (Men)-Laurent Clayton Jr

SAILING: (Men)-Cy Thompson

SWIMMING: (Women)-Caylee Watson; (Men)-Rexford Tullius

Youngest-Watson(21 yrs); Oldest-Jones-Ferrette (34 yrs)

Women: 2/7-29%, Men: 5/7-71%

Athletics-3/7; Boxing-1/7; Sailing-1/7; Swimming-2/7

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