By Kino Cummings, writer

Veronica Campbell Brown, one of the darlings of Jamaica Track and Filed past and present, has been a force to be reckoned with throughout a career that has seen her winning at all IAAF levels. VCB as she is affectionately called has personal best times of 21.74 sec for the 200m and 10.76 sec, over 100m.

She has won a total of 7 Olympic medals, 3 Gold, 2 Silvers and 2 Bronze. At the world championships, she has amassed 11 medals, 3 Gold, 7 Silvers and 1 bronze medal, which makes her not only one of Jamaica’s most decorated, but one of the most accomplished female sprinters in history. 

Now at the ripe age of 34, much has been said in recent times about her ability to beat the world and defy age and time. VCB once again shows her defiance in proclaiming in an interview following the Beijing World Challenge meet last month, that she doesn’t feel a day beyond 18 and she feels physically well. This came following her clocking a season best 10.91, to win the 100m.  She has also clocked 22.29 twice in the 200m, putting her alongside the best in the world for the season in both sprints. 

One can’t help but feel that Hurricane VCB will strike again this year and as a coach, I base my analysis on a few facts. VCB prior to the final of the world championship last year, only managed pedestrian times by her standard. This was quickly erased by a clocking of 21.97 in the final, which saw her claim the bronze medal. This all happened when VCB was in a season where she struggled because of injury. Secondly, she has improved with every race this season, clocking 11.04, then 10.91 and 22.29 twice. She is no longer fading off the curve, as was the case for the last few years and certainly the familiar top end speed that we are all used to, is back.

Technically, she looks sound. Last year her knees were flat, no extension and her turnover was slow. This season’s VCB is reminiscent of the VCB of 2008.
This has brought me to the conclusion that HURRICANE VCB will strike at category 5 levels this season, defying age and time and once again, beating the world. The JAAA senior trials will be a mini Olympics this year and I’m predicting that VCB will make both the 100 and 200 meter teams and will also medal in both events in Rio. I will wait until our trials have been concluded, to predict the quality of those medals. Exciting times are ahead. 


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