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Jhevaughn Matherson: "I have a good relationship with all of my competitors, but, to single out people I have to say the Calabar three, Tyreke Wilson, Dejour Russell and Christopher Taylor."

By Noel ‘Bravo’ Francis, Special to TrackAlerts.com

Several outstanding sprinters will showcase their talents at the 2016 ISSA/GraceKennedy Boys & Girls Athletics Championship at the National Stadium from March 15-19, 2016. One of the most fluid and exciting of the lot is Jhevaughn Matherson of Kingston College. The first year class 1 speed merchant, who had to withdraw from last year’s championship while competing in class 2 due to injury, returns this season with a resolute mindset to make amends. His sole purpose this year is to perform at his best and lead his school to the Boys & Girls Champs title.

The Boys Class 1 100m showdown is one of the feature races that will make your heart race (pun intended) and give you goose bumps. Matherson is not the overwhelming favourite going into this event that tag goes to Nigel Ellis (10.20) of STETHS. However, it might work to Matherson’s advantage being an underdog with nothing to lose. The lionhearted sprinter has the ability to shift  gears midrace and finish like a train without brakes and could deliver a shocking blow with a once in a lifetime performance. He is quietly confident about his chances at ‘Champs 2016’ and spoke to this reporter in an interview about last season, his immediate goals and future among other things:


TrackAlerts.com caught up with Matherson for a one-on-one interview

Question: What is your favourite meal?  
Answer: “My favourite meal is Jerk Pork.”

Q: What is your motivational motto?
A: “All the stories that I’ve heard about past Kingston College athletes and their performances and attitude, I just want to emulate them. That’s my real drive.”

Q: What are your favourite subjects?
A: “Technical Drawing, Caribbean History, Chemical Engineering and Technology.”

Q: What is the best advice you have ever received?
A: “Basically to keep moving forward, keep my head up and keep moving forward.”

Q: What is your nickname?
A: “I have many aliases; it depends on my mood really. My teammates and people in general mainly call me ‘Blaze’ but my mommy calls me ‘Shami’.”

Q: Will you be competing at the CARIFTA Trials this weekend?
A: “Yeah I will be competing in the Under-18 100m and 200m.”

Q: Who is your role model?
A: “Track & Field wise Michael Johnson. I watch a lot of Michael Johnson videos. Outside of Track & Field I look up to Richard Branson from Virgin Group.

Q: Do you plan to compete at the World Juniors this year?
A: “If everything goes according to plan. Well if I stay healthy of course.”

Q: Outside of your fellow athletes at KC, do you rate any other athletes from a rival school?
A: “I have a good relationship with all of my competitors, but, to single out people I have to say the Calabar three, Tyreke Wilson, Dejour Russell and Christopher Taylor.”

At the recent staging of the Gibson McCook Relays many persons were not aware it was your birthday.
Q: How did that make you feel knowing that you had to come out and compete for Kingston College on your birthday?
A: “If I had anything to do on that day it would have to be participating for Kingston College trying to go out there and win a medal. Well I got a medal and I watched so it was an amazing feeling.”

Q: How many individual events will you be participating in at Champs this year?
A: “I’m not 100% sure as yet but I’m certain about the 4x100m and the 4x400m relays.”

Q: What are your goals for the events that you are competing in at Champs?
A: “The main aim going into any race at Championship is maximum points. We need to take home the trophy. Once we come out there with the right mindset, the Fortis spirit, right drive I know we can take it.”

Q: Based on your preparation at this stage do you think you are on target to lower your personal best times?
A: “When I ran my personal best (10.37) based on how I felt then and how I feel now, I feel much better, much faster, much stronger. So if everything goes according to plan I’ll have a good race. A good start and a good finish then I can go below my personal best. For the 200m I really have my mind set on 20.3 or 20.4 and for the 100m, 10.1 the fastest.”

Q: Who do you see as your biggest rival or rivals this season?
A: “Raheem Chambers is very tricky, you might see him for one race for the season and then CARIFTA trials he comes and upset everything. You can’t count out Raheem he’s a seasoned campaigner. Nigel Ellis from STETHS is a good boy. Xavior Angus from Calabar is upcoming and very talented. Waseem Williams from JC is good too.”

Q: Were you disappointed at missing last year’s World Youth Championship in Cali, Colombia?
A: “Good things come to those who wait. Of course I’m a little disappointed especially when I saw the results. If I went there I would have done the 100m and I was  a bit disappointed because I know I could have gone faster than the winning time. Probably it just wasn’t my time.”

Q: Many persons speculated about your injury last year. How serious was it?
A: “I got the first injury at the Gibson McCook Relays. I strained my upper hamstring (left leg). I got treatment and it was basically healed. The second injury that I got at Champs, I strained my right hamstring because of overcompensation really. If I was healthy I believe I could have given KC maximum 18 points in the individual sprints and it would have been our Championship. (KC lost by 15.5 points).

Matherson vows to come back stronger this year and says his preparation for this season started when last season ended. Jhevaughn Matherson may very well be singing the popular Nesbeth song ‘My Dream’ after Champs.

Noel ‘Bravo’ Francis is a very exciting and creative freelance sports writer specializing in the fields of athletics and cricket. His colourful down to earth yet professional personality makes him a favourite amongst athletes and fans. Readers are often exposed to his detailed knowledge and passion which usually increase their interest in the athletes, events and the sport overall. He has a first degree in Banking & Finance and works in the financial industry. Contact Noel at [email protected]


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