Toco Secondary and Queen’s Royal College (QRC) retained the overall titles at the annual Ministry of Education-sponsored Secondary Schools Relays Festival, which took place at the Larry Gomes Stadium, Malabar on Thursday, February 18. Toco led the way in the girls’ competition claiming all age groups (under 14, 16, 18, 21 and open) divisions.

The yellow clad girls from the North East Educational District ran away with the under 14 class with 40 points, after taking the two contest races: 4x100m and 4x400m and the under 16 with 56 (gold-4×200, 4×400, silver-4×100). Toco dominated the under 18 with 76 points (gold-4x 60m hurdles, 4x200m, 4×400, silver-4×100) with the second place school El Dorado West Secondary well behind with 24 points.

In the under 21 division Toco were again winners with 40 points (gold-4x 60m hurdles, 4x100m) and the open division with 52 points (gold-4x800m, silver-4x400m, bronze-sprint medley, 4×100).  Multiple Carifta medallist Akidah and vitrix ludorium at last year’s Secondary Schools Track and Field Championships, Ayana Glasgow, led the charge. 

Champions Toco Secondary celebrate after retaining the overall title at the 2016 Secondary Schools Relays Festival at the Larry Gomes Stadium, Malabar on Thursday, February 18. (Photos courtesy Sports Core).

Queen’s Royal College topped the boys category for another year taking the under 14 and under 18 divisions. In the under14 class, the QRC amassed 40 points after claiming the two races competed (4×100, 4×200) while in the under 18 they scored 60 points with wins in the 4×100, 4×200, 4x400m. The Boys champs missed on a fourth win in the under 18, as they did not compete in the 4x 60m hurdles. 

When the girls and boys scores were combined there was no match for Toco Secondary as they amassed 400 points. QRC was held behind in second with 204.


Queen Royal College
Queen's College won the boys open 4x100m and 4x400m at the 2016 Secondary Schools Relays Festival at the Larry Gomes Stadium, Malabar on Thursday, February 18. QRC will be off the the 2016 Penn Relays in the US from April 20-18 as The Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs has agreed to sponsor the winners of the girls and boys open 4x100m and 4x100m events. (Photos courtesy Sports Core).

While Toco dominated the girls competition, the race for the boys titles was fierce as Holy Cross College, Fatima College and St. Benedict’s College each won age group titles. Holy Cross ran away with the boys under 16 division with 64 points (gold-4x60m hurdles, silver-4×200, 4×400, bronze-4×100) ahead of Toco-48 (silver-4x60m hurdles, bronze-4×200,  fourth-4×100) and Fatima 40 (gold-4×200, 4×400).

In the race for the Under 21 trophy, Fatima finished ahead with 40 points taking gold in the 4×200 and 4×400. Toco and St. Benedict’s were joint second (36 pts).

QRC and Francois Girls booked their tickets to this year’s Penn Relays when they won open 4×100 and 4x400m relays. QRC took the boys open 4x100m (41.92) ahead of Fatima College (42.57) and Scarborough Secondary (44.00) and then took home the 4x400m (3:22.74) from St. Anthony’s College (3:30.86) and St. Benedict’s College (3:30.95),  Carifta medallist Jacob St. Clair anchoring both teams to victories. St. Francois swept the girls 4x100m and 4x400m. In the 4x100m they clocked 49.05 to take the title with Caliyah Wallace running the last leg. Arima Central Secondary (51.33) and Toco Secondary (51.52) claimed the minor spots. In the 4x400m St. Francois (4:06.55) held off Bishop’s High-Tobago (4:07.31) with St. Francois anchor leg Caliyah Wallace doing well to edge Bishop’s last leg runner Anya Akili as the two battled towards the finish line.  Toco was third (4:11.47).

St. Francois Girls
St. Francois Girls celebrate after winning the girls  open 4x100m and 4x400m at the 2016 Secondary Schools Relays Festival at the Larry Gomes Stadium, Malabar on Thursday, February 18.  With the wins St. Francois Girls will receive sponsorship from the Ministry of Sports to compete at the 2016 Penn Relays in the US from April 28-30. (Photos courtesy Sports Core).

The Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs has agreed to sponsor the winners of open 4x100m and 4x400m events to participate in this year’s prestigious Penn Relays in the USA from April 28-30.

Blue Waters are the official water for the 2016 Ministry of Education sponsored Secondary Schools Relays Festival which was hosted by the Trinidad and Tobago Secondary Schools Track and Field Association (TTSSTFA). 


Under 14

4X100m: 1st Toco Secondary 58.64, 2nd Bishops East 1:01.47, 3rd St. Charles Sec 1:03.08
4X200m: 2st Toco Secondary 2:07.24, 2nd Bishops Anstey 2:20.79, 3rd ST. Charles Secondary 2:26.21

4X100m: 1st Queen’s Royal College 54.23, 2nd St. Benedict’s College 54.64, 3rd Presentation-San Do 54.96
4X200m: 1st QRC 1:53.91, 2nd St .Benedict’s College 1:59.14, 3rd Holy Cross College 1:59.73

Under 16

4X100m: 1st Bishops Anstey 56.14, 2nd Toco Secondary 57.60, 3rd Five Rivers Secondary 58.38
4X200m: 1st Toco Secondary 1:56.33, 2nd Five Rivers Secondary 2:00.88, 3rd St. Joseph College 2:02.93
4X400m: 1st Toco Secondary 4;44.65, 2nd Bishops Anstey 5:10.74, 3rd Pleasantville Secondary

4X 60m Hurdles: 1st Holy Cross 44.41, Toco Secondary 45.53, 3rd St. James Sec 45.82,
4X100m: 1st QRC 45.70, 2nd Belmont Boys Sec 48.50, 3rd Holy Cross 49.70
4x200m: 1st Fatima College 1:39.53, 2nd Holy Cross College 1:43.70, 3rd Toco Secondary 1:47.84
4x400m: 1st Fatima College 1:43.43, 2nd Holly Cross College 3:56.05, 3rd QRC 3;58.37

Under 18

4X60m Hurdles: 1st Toco 50.13, 2nd  St. James Sec 55.07
4X100m: 1st Scarborough Sec 52.05, 2nd Toco Secondary 53.51, 3rd El Dorado West Sec 55.52
4x200m: 1st Toco Secondary 1:51.78, 2nd Bishops High 1:56.37, 3rd El Dorado West Secondary 2:03.55
4X400m: 1st Toco Secondary 4:50.86, 2nd St. Joseph College 5:51.44 

4X60m Hurdles: 1st Sangre Grande Sec 40.49, 2nd Toco Secondary 42.45, 3rd  Toco Sec 43.94
4X100m: 1st QRC 43.99, 2nd St. Anthony 45.87, 3rd Malick Secondary 46.05
4X200m: 1st QRC 1:33.06, 2nd Holy Cross College 1;37.23, 3rd Belmont Boys College  1:37.43
4x400m: 1st QRC 3:34.77, 2nd Belmont Boys Secondary 3:39.37, 3rd Holy Cross College 3:43.36

Under 21

4X60m Hurdles: 1st Toco Secondary 47.15, 2nd Sangre Grande Sec 49.71
4X100m: 1st Toco Secondary 54.75, 2nd Polytechnic 56.11, 3rd Sangre Grande Sec 1:00.54

4X100m: 1st St. Benedict’s College  43.96, 2nd Polytechnic 44.35, 3rd St. Anthonys College 44.71
4x200m: 1st Fatima College 1:31.83, 2nd Toco Secondary 1:31.93, 3rd QRC 1:33.04
4x400m: 1st Fatima College  3:33.03, 2nd QRC 3:34.31 3rd QRC 3:36.23


4X800m: 1st Toco Secondary 11:58.01
Sprint Medley (1X1X2X4): 1st St. James Secondary 2:00.31, 2nd El Dorado West  Secondary 2:02.31, 3rd Toco Secondary 2:04.59

4X800m: 1st Fatima College 8:46.02, 2nd Belmont Boys Secondary 8:46.20, 3rd Toco Secondary 9:03.40
Sprint Medley (1X2X3X4): 1st St. Benedict’s College 2:06.92, 2nd Belmont Boys Secondary 2:09.28, 3rd Toco Secondary 2:09.82

Penn Relays Qualifiers
4x100m: St. Francois Girls 49.05, 2nd Arima Central 51.33, 3rd Toco Secondary 51.52
4x400m: St. Francois Girls 4:06.55, 2nd Bisops High-Tobago 4:07.31, 3rd Toco Secondary 4:11.47

4x100m,: 1st QRC 41.92, 2nd Fatima College 42.57,  3rd St. Scarborough Secondary 44.00,
4x400m: 1st QRC 3:22.74, 2nd St. Anthony’s College 3:30.86, 3rd St. Benedict’s College 3:30.95

Top Schools (Combined): 1st Toco Secondary 400, 2nd QRC 204, 2rd Fatima College 168, 4th St. Benedict’s College 156, 5th Holy Cross College 138, 6th St. James Secondary 118, 7th Sangre Grande Secondary 110, 8th Belmont Boys Secondary 92

Under 14: 1st Toco Secondary 40, 2nd St. Charles 24, 3rd St. Joseph College 20
Under 16: 1st Toco Secondary 56, 2nd Bishops Anstey 52, 3rd Fiver Rivers Sec 24
Under 18: 1st Toco Secondary, 76, 2nd El Dorado West 24, 3rd Scarborough Secondary 20
Under 21: 1st Toco Secondary 40, Sangre Grande Secondary 28,, 3rd Polytechnic Institute 16
Open: 1st Toco Secondary 52, 2nd St. Francois Girls 40, 3rd Bishops-Tob 32

Under 14: 1st QRC 40, 2nd St. Benedict’s College 32, 3rd Fatima College 20
Under 16: 1st Holy Cross College 64, 2nd Toco Secondary 48, 3rd Fatima College 40
Under 18: 1st QRC 60, 2nd Holy Cross College 54, 3rd Sangre Grande 38
Under 21: 1st Fatima College 40, 2nd St. Benedict’s College/Toco Secondary 36
Open: 1st St. Benedict’s College 52, 2nd QRC 48, 3rd Fatima College 4


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