Atlanta Georgia Relays International Meet is an annual track and field event that combines world-class events with a meet suitable for people of all ages and athletic abilities. Our aim is to create a program that cultivates discipline and pride. Our meet differs from others because we display youth, masters, and pros creating an environment the whole family can be a part of! 

This year the Olympic qualifying meet will take place at Langston Hughes High School Stadium on May 28th & 29th.

1. Atlanta Georgia Relays started as a product of the Atlanta Spartans, a nonprofit organization dedicated to positively influencing the development of our youth to help them become credible athletes and role models in their communities through track and field. From our efforts, grew a world class international  track and field event. With Atlanta being home to some of the most influential teams in sports, as well as the 1996 Olympics, we felt it was time for an international track and field meet that could be held annually and that the city can be proud of. With the growing support of the City of Atlanta, we hope to create an event that can last for years to come. 

2.We believe what we are building here is an event that is cost efficient for each Caribbean schools. We have staff members that assist with researching and  working  with the local hospitality services, to keep costs low: accommodation, food, transportation. We thought of the cost of flights and even lowered our registration fee to make it affordable. We have created a platform where new athletes can really shine, and showcase their talent in an arena where we can guarantee the best athletes in the South ,and tremendous attention from other international countries who are ready to compete.
3.What we are doing here in Atlanta is so innovative. We took into consideration the climate change between April and May; this way our runners and patrons are more comfortable; therefore, creating a better event. With our primary focus on the youth, we aren't creating something where our aim is to make money. We are developing a program that not only provides the opportunity to compete, but we have teams of staff that work with our local infrastructure to keep our packages low and provide our youth a unique opportunity to experience things they normally could not.   

4. In 2015, we had such a huge response! We had various vendors, track clubs, major support from the Carribbean Islands, Olympians, professional athletes from around the world, and 3 of the top schools in Jamaica: Wolmers High School, St Jago Boys and Girls High School, & Calabar High School there! Our fan base has already started sending videos of support for this upcoming year, so we are looking forward to a huge success. Mr. Michael Anderson, renowned Jamaican announcer, has been a huge support. Our sponsors helped out so much! We could not have done it without them. 

5. We have gotten in touch with over 150 schools to date, but the numbers are growing as the word gets out about Atlanta Georgia Relays. We now have schools from Georgia, Florida, Texas, Tennessee, California, Maryland, the Cayman Islands, Trinidad, Puerto Rico and all over! We also have open events to accommodate our professionals such as our Olympians, as well as Masters and Pros.

6. AGR is more than just a Track and Field Event . We are an experience. We provide a way where our families can come to America and support the dreams of their children. We are a resource. This year, we will host 60 minutes of play for children who aren't competing can come out and learn about exercise and nutrition. We are a family who cares about the quality of event that we provide and want to make this a memorable experience for everyone involved. 


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