By Kimberly Allen,

The fourth annual Manchester High School- Charlie Fuller Field Events meet on January 16, 2016 was a record breaking event. This year's scheduling saw the dismantling of several meet records.

The class 1 girls shot put winner Janel Fullerton, easily threw 14.64M to cop that category. Not only did she win, she also smashed the previous record 12.53M set by Isheka Binns of Manchester High. Lativa Smith of Excelsior High who threw 14.20M was second.

For the girls class 2, Tavoy Housen of Excelsior High won with a throw of 12.91M leaving second place to Shadae Hudson of Lennon High with a throw of 12.82M.

On the boys side, Warren Barrett Jr. of Calabar won the class 1 shot put with a big throw of 18.75M. In second was his teammate, Kyle Mitchell who threw 18.48M.

For the class 3 boys, Craig Martin and Nevin Nish both of Munro College were on top, with throws of 11.20M and 11.06M, respectively. In the boys class 2, no one got the opportunity to throw as the proper weight implement was not present.

Daniel Cope of Petersfield also was among the new meet record holders. He won the boys class 2 discus with a throw of 53.75 taking Kino Dunkley of Munro College's record of 51.07M out of the picture. Zico Campbell of Kingston College threw 52.39M, to be placed second.

Zachary Dillon of Calabar was the class 3 winner throwing 34.17M. Second place was awarded to Tevaughn Watson of Petersfield who threw 33.39M.

Sanjae Lawrence of Petersfield who was placed 3rd in the boys class 1 shot put, won the discus with a throw 50.45M. Warren Barrett Jr. settled for second with a throw of 50.09M.

For the girls class 1 equivalent, National thrower, Shanice Love of Excelsior High threw 42.00M winning her class. Joel Richards representing St. Jago was second with a throw of 41.95M. In class 2, Shakira Stewart of St. Jago came out on top with a throw of 38.22M. Holding second, was Tiwani Myles of Rusea's High who threw 36.86M.

Kenisha Thompson of Holmwood Technical was among the winners of the day, as she threw 35.29M to win the class 3 event. Excelsior's Kimberley Cugg was awarded second place with her throw of 34.25M.

Sahjae Stevens of STETHS after finishing 3rd in the girls class 1 shot put, redeemed herself after throwing 35.12M to win the girls open javelin event. Second place went to Georgetta Samuels of Holmwood Technical. On the Boys side, Adrian Mitchell of Calabar High threw a brand new meet record of 56.25 removing Delton Foote's record of 54.42M. In second was Michael Williams who represents Excelsior high School.

Last year's Beijing World Championships finalist, Fedrick Dacres, who represented UWI, was the winner in the Men's open discus event with a throw of 62.41M. Dacres was also second in the Men's open shot put with 17.66M. Chad Wright who was the winner of the shot put with 18.75M was placed second in the discus with 59.27M.

Shanice Brown of GC Foster was the winner in both the womens open discus and shot put. In the shot put, she threw 13.04M while in the discus, she created a meet record of 51.33M.

In the land of jumps, Oggary Martin of Ardenne, easily jumped 2.00M to not only win but making a new meet record for the boys class 1 high jump. Michael Robinson of Munro College was the former record holder with 1.85M. Brian Neil of STETHS was second with a height of 1.80M.

In class 2, Torray Chambers of Hebert Morrison and Ricardo Smith of Rhodes Hall were the top two, 1.75M and 1.65M were their heights, respectively.

Antonio Hanson was the winner in the boys class 3 high jump. Hanson who represented Herbert Morrison won with a height of 1.70M. Sheldon Williams of STETHS was second with 1.55M.

On the girls side, Gayle Anna Oswald of Central High won the class 1 easily with a height of 1.55M. Rusea's High's representative Georgia Clayton and Holmwood's Brianna Thompson tied for second place with 1.45M.

In class 2, all top 3 athletes equally jumped 1.55M. They were Ishara Scarlette (Rusea's High), Asheena Gordon (St. Jago) and Susan Francis (Holmwood).

Shyanne Smith of Herbert Morrison was joined at the top by her teammate Daniella Eglin for the class 3 category. Smith was first with 1.60M while her teammate second with 1.55M.

Luanna Brown form the host school, won the girls class 4. Her height was 1.45 M. Second was Ardenne's Ranella Powell,  1.35M.

In the sand pit, Ashley Mullings of Ardenne was at the top with her leap of 5.21M in the class 1 girls long jump. Brianna Thomas (Holmwood) added to her day's success, second with a jump of 5.05M.

Keneva Headley (Holmwood) was the class 2 winner with a jump of 5.38M. Just slightly below her teammate, was Susan Francis who jumped 5.35M.

For the class 3, the winner was Alliyah Francis who represented Frome Technical. Her winning jump was 5.50M. Holmwood was in second as Faithlyn Irving jumped 5.19M.

For the class 4 category, at top was Suzzette Palmer (Holmwood) and Vashti Grey ( Queens School). With respective jumps of 4.94M and 4.58M.

For the boys, Aalexavier Monfries of Herbert Morrison won class 3. His winning leap was, 5.49M. His teammate Marc Dayne Graham was second with 5.02M. In class 2, teammates Brithon Senior and Brandon McLaren of Rusea's High were the top athletes. Their jumps respectively were 5.80M and  5.72M.  For the class 1 boys, Akeem Allen was the winner. His winning leap was 6.82M. Second place was given to Daniel Clarke of Herbert Morrison with his jump of 6.63M.

 The winner of the boys triple jump competition was Daniel Clarke in 13.80M. Ouekiey Wright of STETHS was second with his jump of 13.56M. For the girls, Tissannia Hickling who represented St. Jago was on top with her jump of 12.05M. Her teammate Jody Ann Petrie leapt to second with 11.60M

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