Zico Campbell (KC) and Cemore Donald (Edwin Allen) were voted Purewater/JC Invitational top male and female performers respectively.

At the presentation ceremony held at Jamaica College (JC) on Friday, January 15, both athletes walked away with trophies and gift bags from Purewater.

Campbell copped the award for his outstanding 17.69m throw in the boys’ Class 2 shot put.

Calabar’s Warren Barrett Jr., who threw a record 19.40m to win the boys Class 1 shot put, was the second best male athlete overall.

Donald’s two minutes 19.30 seconds run in the 800m Class 3 was seen as the best performance on the girls’ side.

Excelsior’s Shauntae Foreman, who also had a record – 1.62m in the Class 4 girls’ high jump, took the runners-up position.

The Class winners were:


Class 1
1. Janell Fullerton (St. Jago) 18 points
2. Patrice Moody (Edwin Allen) 13 points

Class 2.
1. Annia Ashley (Edwin Allen) 20 points
2. Fiona Richards (Edwin Allen) 18 points

Class 3
1. Britany Anderson (Vere) 15 points
2. Cemore Donald (Edwin Allen) 10 points
2. Kimeone McLeod (St. Jago) 10 points

Class 4
1. Bethany Bridge (Edwin Allen) 10 points
1. Dayshanae Hall (St. Jago) 10 points
1. Shauntae Foreman (Excelsior) 10 points


Class 1
1. Marcus Brown (Morant Bay) 24 points
2. Warren Barrett Jr. (Calabar) 20 points

Class 2
1. Zico Campbell (KC) 15 points
2. Fabian Powell (Munro) 13 points

Class 3
1. Apalos Edwards (JC) 13 points
2. Jahvel Granville (St. Jago) 10 points


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