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The Douglas Forrest Invitational Meet will be held on Saturday, January 16 at the National Stadium in Kingston.

The meet, which opens with the 400m hurdles at 8:30am and closes with the mile relays at 6pm, is a qualifier for Boys and Girls Champs.

Brian Smith, the chairman of the organizing committee, promised a good meet.

Smith also announced that Cameron Blazers, the club founded by 1983 World 400m champion, Bertland Cameron, will make their first appearance this season at the meet. The group has several big names such as Christine Day, Kaliese Spencer, Martin Manley, Jaheel Hyde, Jermaine Gonzales and Javere Bell

Dr. Warren Blake, president of the Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association (JAAA), said his organization is very pleased with the meet. “We wish you will have a successful meet and we hope it will continue to grow,” said Dr. Blake of the event, which is named in honour of the former Kingston College (KC) principal.

During Douglas Forrest's period as principal, KC won 14 straight Boys Champs titles.

Fritz Goodhall, sales and marketing manager at Barco Caribbean, one of the sponsors, said his company decided to stay with the meet because “it’s well-organized and professionally managed.”

Senior Product Manager of Cari-Med Limited Allison Dexter, another of the sponsors, said “we wish for the meet another good season.”

Danielia McLean, sponsorship manager at Digicel, said her company is again on board “to help bring grassroots athletics to greatness."


8:30a.m. 400M Hurdles Female Open
8:45a.m. 400M Hurdles Male Open
9:00a.m. 3000M Female Open
9:20a.m. 5000M Male Open
9:45a.m. 800M Female Class 1/Open
10:00a.m 800M Female Class 2
10:15a.m. 800M Female Class 3
10:30a.m. 800M Male Class 1/Open
10:45a.m. 800M Male Class 2
11:00a.m. 800M Male Class 3
11:15a.m. 200M Female Class 4
11:45a.m. 200M Female Class 3
12:15p.m. 200M Female Class 2
12:45p.m. 200M Female Class 1
1:15p.m. 200M Female Open
1:45p.m. 200M Female Special Olympics
1:50p.m. 200M Male Class 3
2:20p.m. 200M Male Class 2
2:50p.m. 200M Male Class 1
3:20p.m. 200M Male Open
4:15p.m. 200M Male Special Olympics
4:20p.m. 1500M Female Class 2
4:30p.m. 1500M Male  Class 2
4:40p.m. 1500M Female Class 1/Open
4:50p.m. 1500M Male Class 1/Open
5:15p.m. Medley Relay Female Open
5:25p.m. Medley Relay Male Open
5:35p.m. 4 x 400M Female Open
5:45p.m. 4 x 400M Male Open


8:30a.m. Long Jump Girls Class 3
  Long Jump Boys Class 3
  Long Jump Girls Class 2
  Long Jump Boys Class 2
  Long Jump Girls Class 1
  Long Jump Boys Class 1
9:00a.m. High Jump Boys Class 3
9:00a.m. High Jump Girls Class 1
10:30a.m. High Jump Boys Class 1
10:45a.m. High Jump Girls Class 3
11:45a.m. High Jump Boys Class 2
12:00p.m. High Jump Girls Class 2
9:00a.m. Shot Putt Boys Class 2
10:45a.m. Shot Putt Girls Class 1
10:45a.m. Shot Putt Female Open
12:30p.m. Shot Putt Boys Class 1
2:30p.m. Shot Putt Male Open
3:30p.m. Shot Putt Girls Class 2
3:00p.m. Triple Jump Girls Open
  Triple Jump Boys Open
9:00a.m. Discus Girls Class 3
11:00a.m. Discus Boys Class 1
12:45p.m. Discus Men Open
1:45p.m. Discus Girls Class 2
3:00p.m. Discus Boys Class 2
4:00p.m. Discus Girls Class 1

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