By Paul Steer, writer

Dr. Warren Blake, president of Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association (JAAA), says Jamaica is out of the running to host the 2016 IAAF World Junior Championships as they are lacking the funds required to prove to the IAAF they are capable of hosting such an international event.

The JAAA wrote a letter to the IAAF indicating to them their desire to host the event after the Russian athletics federation was banned from hosting it due to doping controversy.

However, on Wednesday Dr. Blake told reporters “It requires in excess of US$10 million (approximately J$1billion). The Government would have to issue a bond to cover that amount and with the IMF constraints it really was a non-starter."

Jamaica hosted the event in 2002 which has been regarded as one of the best World Junior Championships. Then Usain Bolt won his first ever global title, the men's 200m


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