LONDON – A police investigation must be held into the IAAF awarding of the 2021 World Championships to Eugene.

A former head of Interpol wants the investigation done following the release of letters sent to Lamine Diack, then head of the governing body, insidethegames is reporting.

Eugene was awarded the 2021 edition by the IAAF Council in April without a formal evaluation process or consideration of rival bids. 

Björn Eriksson, a retired civil servant who was Interpol President from 1994 to 1996 before heading to Swedish Athletics Federation as president and so to rival bid from Gothenburg, has claimed they were repeatedly promised by Diack that they would be given a chance to present their case.
"I would now like the French police to look into Diack’s role in the 2021 process," said Eriksson.

The IAAF at the time of announcing Eugene as host, said in a statement: "Much was written about the decision to award the 2021 World Championships to Eugene. The following quote is an extract from the IAAF announcement at the time: 'In granting the championships to Eugene the IAAF Council have made a clear choice on a strategic decision that enables us to take advantage of a unique opportunity that may never arise again, whereby public authorities, the private sector, the national Olympic Committee, NBC and a particularly enthusiastic public are joining forces.' The vote for Eugene was 23-2 in favour."

 The Sunday Times in its question and answer with the IAAF on Friday, November 20, asked, Why did the IAAF not make public its dealings with the Eugene bid over 2021, which started as early as January 26, 2015? 

The IAAF replied, "The IAAF has many discussions with cities that put themselves forward to host the championships so they fully understand what the requirements are. There are no reasons to publicise these discussions. The IAAF received a number of letters from supporters of the Eugene team expressing their interest and desire to host the IAAF World Championships, dating back to early 2015.


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